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Alias Season 1 Plot Summaries

Jennifer Garner (Sydney)

Spectrum episode guides generally contain detailed plot synopses and commentaries for every episode of whatever series we decide to cover. However, because we had only ten pages in issue 32 for Alias, we had to pare down the amount of plot synopsis in order to retain as much of the commentary as possible.

Here, then, we present the more detailed synopses that can be used as a supplemental resource to the
Spectrum 32 article. We have not edited these as tightly as we would have if they had been published in the magazine. While we have done our best to make sure that, for instance, all of the names are spelled correctly (not an easy task on a show like Alias), the text itself may sometimes read more like notes than smooth prose. That's because these are essentially our notes. Taking the time to refine the writing would almost guarantee that this would never be finished.

A word about the spellings. Without access to the original scripts, it's sometimes tricky getting the names completely accurate. The end credits in minuscule type are occasionally helpful, as is We've also double-checked things with
Alias Declassified: The Official Companion by Mark Cotta Vaz (Bantam Books), though in at least two cases, we believe that our spellings are correct and the book's are wrong. All of this may seem needlessly trivial, but one of our pet peeves is Internet episode guides that seem unable to get basic data correct (a problem that's prevalent, based on the times we've checked out such guides). We hope that this guide is considerably better, though we can't guarantee some errors didn't slip in.

If you've stumbled onto this guide and are more interested in reading
commentaries about the episodes instead of mere plot summaries, click here for more information about our episode guide in Spectrum 32.

(Episodes 1-6)
"I was trained as a spy, warned not to tell anyone what I did. I thought I was working for the good guys until I told my fiancé about SD-6, and they had him killed. That's when I learned the truth--that SD-6 is part of the very enemy I thought I was fighting. Now I'm a double agent working with the real CIA to bring down SD-6, where my only ally is another double agent, a man I hardly know: my father."

(Episodes 7-22)
"My name is Sydney Bristow. Seven years ago I was recruited by a secret branch of the CIA called SD-6. I was sworn to secrecy, but I couldn't keep it from my fiancé, and when the head of SD-6 found out, he had him killed. And that's when I learned the truth--SD-6 is not part of the CIA. I'd been working for the very people I thought I was fighting against. So I went to the only place that could help me take them down. Now I'm a double agent for the CIA, where my handler is a man named Michael Vaughn. Only one other person knows the truth about what I do--another double agent inside SD-6, someone I hardly know: my father."

First Season Credits: Starring Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow), Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane), Michael Vartan (Michael Vaughn), Bradley Cooper (Will Tippin), Merrin Dungey (Francie Calfo), Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon), Kevin Weisman (Marshall), and Victor Garber (Jack Bristow); Created by J.J. Abrams; Executive Producers J.J. Abrams, John Eisendrath; Produced by Sarah Caplan; Co-Producers Chad Savage (pilot), Vanessa Taylor, Daniel Arkin, and Tiffany Delorme; Associate Producers Robyn-Alain Feldman (pilot) and Nicole Carrasco; Producers Jesse Alexander, Jeff Pinkner, and Chad Savage; Supervising Producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci; Co-Executive Producer Ken Olin; Director of Photography Michael Bormillain; Production Designer Scott Chambliss; Music by Michael Giocchino; Theme by J.J. Abrams

First televised September 30, 2001
Guest Starring Edward Atterton (Danny Hecht), Jay Gerber (Prof. Mizzy), Angus Scrimm (SD-6 Agent McCullough), William Wellman Jr. (Priest), and Ric Young (Taiwanese Torturer); Written and Directed by J.J. Abrams; Edited by Stan Salfas and Quincy Z. Gunderson; Co-Starring Lorenzo Callender (Messenger), Greg Collins (Kenny), Vicki Davis (Intern), Ming Lo (Agent), Raymond Ma (Taiwanese Businessman), Miguel Najero (Agent Gonzalez), Greta Sesheta (CIA Receptionist), Philip Tom (Taiwanese Security Officer), Emily Worchtel (Beth, Airline Counter), and Nancy Wetzel (Amy Tippin)
SUMMARY: Los Angeles college grad student Sydney, ostensibly an employee at Credit Dauphine bank, will marry Danny Hecht. Her dad supposedly exports airplane parts. She receives her new case: Oscar Mueller, a modern-day alchemist, was killed last month in Berlin. There was an international frenzy to recovery his notebooks, but none was found by the west. One of his plans surfaced in Taipei, Taiwan in an FTL cover station. Antonio Quintero is the mole, but he seems to have disappeared. Sydney and Dixon will attend a reception at a Taiwanese embassy as Modero Plastics employees. They must search the building and learn where the plans are being held, but not actually take them. Marshall's gadgets: video scrambler and camera. Sydney meets Will Tippin at the track. Later she tells Danny she works for the CIA. Flashback: in her college freshman year seven years ago, SD-6--a covert branch of the CIA--offered her a job. Soon she became an agent. Dixon's wife thinks he's an investment analyst. At the reception, Dixon fakes a heart attack and scrambles the video monitors while Sydney takes photos, including of the actual experiment. Danny leaves a message on Sydney's recorder; it's intercepted. Sloane and Sydney's dad Jack discuss Danny. Sydney returns to find Danny murdered. Sloane blames Sydney for his death. Sydney is debriefed and questioned about Danny. She attends his funeral; Jack watches from his car. Tippin is at the reception. Three months later, Sloane wants Sydney to help retrieve the Mueller device FTL has finished building. Quintero is dead. Sydney refuses. Her dad rescues her from an assassination attempt after she takes out one agent herself. He tells her he works for SD-6, too. The agency doesn't trust her any more. He's arranged for transportation to Switzerland. He tells her that SD-6 is not a black ops of the CIA, but division of the Alliance of 12, an international group of freelance agents (including Russia, Libya, China, Ethiopia) formed about ten years ago, and he is one of those agents. She thought they were an enemy of the U.S. All lower-level SD-6 agents have been lied to. Sydney rejects his help. Sydney borrows the credit card and passport of Tippin's sister Amy. She flies to Taiwan, steals a car, and returns to the embassy to try to steal the Mueller device. She's discovered and tortured. She won't tell them whom she works for. She frees herself, attacks her interrogator, steals the device (a ball floats, then explodes), and presents it to Sloane. She'll return to SD-6 after midterms. She meets with Vaughn and Weiss at the CIA and offers to become a double agent. Sydney visits Danny's grave. Jack said there was nothing he could do about Danny. He says Devlin, the director of the CIA, has approved her request. Jack also works for the CIA.

First televised October 7, 2001
Guest Starring Evan Dexter Parke (Charlie Bernard), Aharon Ipal‚ (Ineni Hassan), Alex Kuz (Kazimir Shcherbakov), Ravil Isyanov (Luri Karpachev), Sarah Shahi (Jenny); Written by J.J. Abrams; Directed by Ken Olin; Edited by Mary Jo Markey; Co-Starring Ammar Daraiseh (Supplier), Azdine Melliti (Bodyguard #1), John Storey (CIA Officer); Featuring Xavier J. Nathan (French Officer), Gregory Phelan (Student), Seema Rahmani (Sara)
SUMMARY: Three years ago in Paris, Sydney successfully stole something for Leonard Dreyfuss (who helps bankroll SD-6 operations) and met him for the first time. His operation is in Geneva, and Sloane relies on him. Hassan in Memphis, Egypt supplies firearms to SD-6. (She and Dixon were there six months ago.) Vaughn will create counter-missions for Sydney's SD-6 assignments (contacting her as "Joey's Pizza" wrong numbers). She thinks they can bring down SD-6 in two months and diagrams the organization for him. Vaughn shows her the full chart and says this is a long-term mission. Charlie, who got a job offer with a law firm, helps Sydney move in. Tippin wants to know why Sydney needed Amy's passport. Sydney's SD-6 assignment: retrieve files (pertaining to Soviet/American nuclear arsenal) stolen from Russia's GRU headquarters; and prevent transaction in Moscow between Abul Hassain Navor, military attache from Sudan, and two men from the Russian mafia, Kasimir Shcherbakov and Luri Karpachev, who probably stole the files. Sydney will steal the money for the buy. Marshall's gadget: a sleep-inducing device. Sydney is shown Jack's office; he admits to knowing about Danny's fate ahead of time. Vaughn's counter-mission: Sydney will get the files to him so that he can make copies. Jenny pulls Danny's file for Tippin. In Moscow, Dixon pretends to be Navor and meets with the thieves while Sydney the maid learns that Navor wasn't going to buy the files, but steal them--there's no money in his hotel room. The Russians become suspicious of Dixon; he and Sydney fight them off and return to L.A. At the airport, she slips the discs to Vaughn, his men make copies, he returns the originals, and she returns home. Sydney joins her friends for dinner. Tippin learned that on the night Danny died, he was booked on a flight to Singapore. Sydney's new assignment: investigate Milovich Ivanov in Buckingham, Virginia, who may be in control of a Russian nuclear weapon buried somewhere in the U.S. Vaughn's boss wants to move in now but will wait five hours. Sydney learns that 1936 Lake is a cemetery in Buckingham. There is a fresh grave: Ivanov's, but he died in 1971. She digs it up; inside the casket is a bomb set to go off in two minutes. Marshall helps her disarm it. Vaughn is upset. SD-6 sold the bomb to Hassan in Cairo. Sydney promises to get it back. Jack will cover for her at SD-6. He bought Danny's ticket to Singapore but didn't get to him in time. Devlin pulls Vaughn off the Bristow case. In Cairo, Sydney finds the bomb and begins disabling when Hassan finds her.

First televised October 14, 2001
Guest Starring Evan Dexter Parke (Charlie Bernard), Gina Torres (Anna Espinosa), Aharon Ipal‚ (Ineni Hassan), Keone Young (Prof. Choy), Elaine Kagan (Editor June Litvack), and Mark Rolston (CIA Agent Seth Lambert); Directed by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci; Directed by Mikael Salomon; Edited by Ginny Katz; Co-Starring Carole Gutierrez (Laura Stenson); Featuring Duane Journey (Sniper Team Leader), Luis Medina (Eduardo Beneges), Randy Mulkey (Navy Seal), Russell Alexander Orozco (M.C.), Alfonso Paz (Lead Security Officer), Torry Sears (SD-6 Agent), and Anthony Vatsula (Doorman)
SUMMARY: Sydney tosses the plutonium core of Hassan's bomb in the air, which distracts him. She fights him, catches the plutonium, fights her way out, and gets picked up by the CIA. Francie worries that Charlie is hiding something. Jack won't answer Sydney's questions. SD-6 still doesn't know what the Mueller device does. Mueller, an academic, constructed it based on sketches by Milo Rambaldi, who died in 1496, the chief architect of Pope Alexander VI. Rambaldi was excommunicated and sentenced to death for suggesting that some day science would allow men to know God. Last March a Russian historian found one of Rambaldi's designs that resembled a transistor. SD-6 obtained one of his notebooks that outlined the idea for something resembling a cell phone. Another page resembles computer code, but they need the other half, in the possession of Eduardo Beneges of Madrid, who withdrew its sale. Perhaps K-Directorate tipped him off; they're interested in the Rambaldi prophesies, too. Anna Espinosa may have stolen a lockbox key from Beneges. (She's "the last of the cold warriors"; born in Cuba, raised in Russia; works for K-Directorate; last year in Yugoslavia she killed one of Sydney's low-level informants.) Vaughn's counter-mission: get the code and get it to the CIA station chief in Barcelona. Vaughn complains to Weiss that Lambert will be Sydney's handler. Marshall's gadgets: a necklace microphone, a coin explosive, a remote modem to get by the alarm systems. In Madrid, at a reception introducing a new car, Anna and Sydney see each other, then race to the Rambaldi sketch. Anna gets to the vault first, takes the lockbox with the sketch, and sets off the alarm. Sydney pursues, fights Anna, and manages to get the lockbox. Tippin picks up some of Sydney's stuff from Danny's apartment; he notices a traffic camera outside. He calls to get photos from June 8 between midnight and 6 a.m. Sydney meets with Lambert. She's not impressed. Sydney, Tippin, Charlie, and Francie meet for dinner and cards. Tippin and Sydney kiss. Tippin learns that the traffic camera was out on June 8. Marshall can't open Beneges's lockbox. Jack has worked out a plan. K-Directorate needs the money. Sydney's assignment: meet Anna in a neutral location and open the box together. Jack tells Sydney that her mother knew he worked for the CIA. She died in "the accident." Lambert's counter-mission: tag Anna so that the CIA can track her. Sydney refuses to work with anyone but Vaughn. Tippin tells his editor about his suspicions related to the traffic camera blackout. In Berlin, Sydney meets Anna in a stadium. K-Directorate and SD-6 each control one half. Vaughn watches from a satellite camera overhead. Anna mentions Danny's death. She has the key and opens the box. Anna and Sydney stare in horror.

First televised October 21, 2001
Guest Starring Miguel Sandoval (SD-6 Agent Anthony Russek), Gina Torres (Anna Espinosa), Evan Dexter Parke (Charlie Bernard), Faran Tahir, Maurice Chasse, Bernard White (Sawari), Angus Scrimm (SD-6 Agent McCullough), and Sarah Shahi (Jenny); Written by Vanessa Taylor; Directed by Harry Winer; Edited by Maryanne Brandon; Co-Starring Arabella Holzbog (Sydney's Mom); Featuring Hector Aristizabal (Writer), Sayed Bodreya (Vendor), Jeff Chase (Bodyguard), Haley Gilbert (Rachel), Soren Hellerup (Doctor), Subash Kundonmal (Dhiren Patel), Tony Sears (German SD-6 Agent), Alex Veadow (K-Directorate Officer)
SUMMARY: Once the box is opened, a liquid gradually destroys the document. Sydney and Anna quickly try to memorize the sequence of ones and zeros and dash off to report to their supervisors. Back in L.A., Vaughn explains that according to the CIA, K-Directorate is even worse than SD-6. SD-6 is now trying to learn what Rambaldi spent the last nine years of his life working on. Sloane's wife Emily is a little under the weather. Anthony Russek (who knew Jack), transferred in from Jennings, is working on the Rambaldi file. A team had been sent to Athens. According to SD-3, nothing pointed to Rambaldi. They made a mistake; they should have sent a team to Malaga, Spain. There's a five hundred-year-old church sitting on Rambaldi's co-ordinates. Sydney's mission: go there and look for clues that relate to "Golden Sun." Sydney gets to the church and finds a golden sun in a stained glass window. The center detaches. Anna attacks. Sydney gets away with the disc. Sydney and Francie spy on Charlie and see him meet another woman. Tippin researches Danny's "business trip" to Singapore. Sydney and Jack will have dinner on Thursday. SD-6 learns the window disc might have been made five hundred years ago, and it isn't glass, but synthetic polymer. Luke Jacqnaud, released from French prison early, will attend the United Commerce Organization Ministerial Conference (attacked by Zero Defense last year) in Sao Paulo, Morocco to meet an unknown client. Sydney (as Kate Jones) and Dixon must monitor the meeting, ID the client, and prevent Jacqnaud from succeeding. Maktar, an Egyptian commando, is SD-6's contact at the airport. Marshall's gadget: a purse microphone. Jack attends his regular SD-6 psychological evaluation. In a vision, Jack's wife holds a baby (presumably Sydney). Then in the next instant, Sydney is the one holding the baby. She looks at Jack and says, "It's only a matter of time before I find out the truth." Jack is shaken. Sydney meets with Vaughn (who isn't married). CIA counter-mission: provide details of Jacqnaud mission. In Morocco, Dixon and Maktar spy on Jacqnaud while Sydney's purse microphone records the conversation. They discuss "phase three." Dixon recognizes the bodyguard--he broke her arm two years ago. He catches her. They fight. Sydney escapes, finds Maktar dead, and helps Dixon escape. Back on Los Angeles, Francie meets Charlie and asks about Rachael. Tippin kisses Sydney, but she doesn't respond. Jack puts off his dinner date with Sydney. Distraught, she meets with Vaughn. Maktar was a good man who thought he was working with the good guys. Vaughn says she can't let the darkness affect her. Later, SD-6 IDs Jacqnaud's partner as industrial demolitionist Malik Sawari. The BLU-250 can blow out mountain ranges. Jacqnaud's delivery man is Dhiren Patel, a human rights advocate being used unawares by Jacqnaud in an attempt to destroy the UCO. The new mission: to prevent Jacqnaud from planting an explosive on Patel. In Sao Paulo, Sydney and Dixon find Patel. Tippin learns Danny was flying with "Kate Jones" to Singapore. Patel faints after consuming a drink with sedatives. Sydney spots Sawari. Dixon says the bombing is planned for the opening ceremonies tomorrow. Sydney follows Patel. Doctors insert a bomb into his chest as Sawari and Jacqnaud look on.

First televised October 28, 2001
Guest Starring Tom Everett (CIA Agent Paul Kelvin), Norbert Weisser (Jeroen Schiller), Lori Heuring (Kate Jones/Eloise Kurtz), and Maurice Chasse; Written by Daniel Arkin; Directed by Ken Olin; Edited by Mary Jo Markey; Co-Starring Kevin E. West (CIA Officer Logan), Yvonne Farrow (Diane Dixon), and Robert Bailey, Jr. (Diana's Son); Featuring Subash Kundanmal (Patel), Pablo Santos (Boy), Kenneth Ivan (UCO Host), Jeff Chase (Bodyguard), Clint Lilley (Patel's Bodyguard), Tristin Mays (Diane's Daughter), and Kevin Mitnick (Hacker)
SUMMARY: Jacqnaud's bodyguard catches Sydney and knocks her out. He wonders if she works for Dimitri. She comes to and escapes. She wakes up the next morning and calls Dixon to tell him that the bomb is inside Patel. At 5:00 Patel and Tom Basico will be speaking. Outside the conference, protesters shout. Sydney steals an ambulance; Dixon overpowers Patel's bodyguard and kidnaps him. In the ambulance, Dixon extracts the bomb while Sydney eludes Jacqnaud, who detonates the bomb as Dixon tosses it out of the back door, blowing up the pursuing car. Later, Sydney reports to Vaughn. He's disappointed she didn't ID the minister SD-6 was trying to protect. Vaughn gives Sydney a copy of Jack's file. At school, Sydney looks over the file and meets with Francie. They spot Tippin. Later, Sloane talks about Hancel Corporation, a Germany-based chemical conglomerate that makes medicine and beauty products. They had ties to the Third Reich. They made have a vaccine against biological weapons. A leading engineer, Jeroen Schiller, lives in Berlin and has access to information about the vaccine. He will trade info for safe passage to the U.S. (which Hancel is preventing). Sydney and Dixon must find him and get him here. Marshall's gadget: a business card that overrides a computer CPU when placed on top of it. Sydney invites Dixon and Diane to her Halloween party. Jack begs off further dinner plans with Sydney. Vaughn introduces Sydney to Paul Kelvin (who knows Jack). The CIA is worried SD-6 will sell the vaccine to a radical leader intent on starting a biological war. Kelvin will be in Berlin impersonating Schiller; Sydney will switch Schiller with Kelvin in the parking garage, bring Kelvin back, and he'll give Sloane false information. The CIA will co-ordinate Schiller's return. Sydney thinks Dixon will have to know in order for this to work; Vaughn says no. In Berlin, Sydney finds Schiller, uses her card to have the files transmitted, makes the switch with Kelvin in the garage, and has Dixon pick her up behind the building. In L.A., Tippin and Francie decorate the apartment. He admits to her he was at the college trying to track down Kate Jones. At the CIA safehouse, Schiller will give the password to the transmitted files only to Sloane. Meanwhile, through a bogus Web site supplied by Kelvin and accessed by Sloane, the CIA can now monitor SD-6's computers. At SD-6, Marshall logs into the site. Kelvin can have his $200,000 as soon as SD-6 confirms the location of the vaccine inhaler prototype plant. Kelvin says he doesn't have that information, but Sloane thinks he does. He asks Dixon about the change in pick-up locations in Berlin requested by Sydney. The Dixons and their two kids arrive for the Halloween party. Dixon tells Sydney of Sloane's suspicion that Schiller is a plant. Both Schiller and Sydney might be in trouble. Tippin gets a call from Kate Jones, who knew Danny. Sydney tells Vaughn of Sloane's suspicions; she needs to talk to Schiller. Sydney wants Jack to get Kelvin the information she got from Schiller. Sloane asks Jack to verify Kelvin's identity. Jack whispers the plant location to Kelvin while "interrogating" him. Sloane "practically" apologizes to Sydney. Next mission: to go to Badenweiler tonight, steal the inhalers, and destroy the plant. Sydney meets with Vaughn, who tells her that Kelvin is at home with his arm in a cast, and Schiller is somewhere in the midwest with $200,000 of Sloane's money. Vaughn's counter-mission: switch inhalers with those provided by a CIA team already in the building, then disarm the explosive to give the team searches the computer system to see what other research was going on there. Sydney asks about Case #332L. Some pages were missing from Jack's folder. Agent Calder apparently was an FBI agent investigating Jack for selling secrets. Tippin gets the Social Security number of Kate Jones; later he interviews her (she and Danny were having an affair). But supposedly "Kate Jones" died in 1973. In the Badenweiler plant, Dixon sets the explosive while Sydney gets the inhaler prototypes. She makes the switch with CIA agents. Sydney disables the explosive while the CIA looks around. She meets Dixon outside. He tries to detonate the bomb. It doesn't work (he believes because of a frequency jam), so be brought a secondary detonator. This one works. Sydney looks on in horror as the plant blows up with the CIA agents still inside.

First televised November 18, 2001
Guest Starring John Hannah (Martin Shepard), Nancy Dussault, Evan Dexter Parke (Charlie Bernard), Lori Heuring (Kate Jones/Eloise Kurtz), Eugene Lazarev (K-Directorate Agent Dr. Kreshnik), Sarah Shahi (Jenny), and Maurice Godin (SD-6 Agent Fisher/Dr. Fontaetta); Written by Jesse Alexander; Directed by Daniel Attias; Edited by Virginia Katz; Co-Starring Daniel Belances (Pearson), Neil Dickson (John Smythe), Haley Gilbert (Rachel), Anabella Holzbog (Laura Bristow), and Paul Lieber (Bentley Calder); Featuring Cole Peterson (Boy), Tom Waite (Guard #1), Nancy Wetzel (Amy Tippin)
SUMMARY: Sydney and Dixon flee the plant's security forces. Later, Sydney tells Vaughn she feels responsible for the death of four CIA agents. She wants to tell Dixon the truth about SD-6. Later, Sydney looks at an old photo of her mother. Francie and Charlie will meet later in the week. Sydney meets with Helen Calder, wife of the FBI agent Bentley Calder. He died in 1981 in a car accident. Sydney gets a copy of his photo--he died in the same accident as her mother. "Two Die In Icy Collison [sic]: Postal Worker and Housewife Collide On Wet Bridge." Sydney is angry at Jack and wants to turn him in; Vaughn says to give him two days to investigate. Charlie tells Francie he wants to be a singer; his first gig is this Friday. With Jenny looking on, Tippin tracks down the owner of Kate Jones's license plate number--Eloise Kurtz. At SD-6, Jack begins working as "credit manager" instead of "exporter of airplane parts" to help with the planning and execution of missions. The assignment: FTL left Rabat, Shanir, and Kenelwith. They used a salvage tug as a floating lab. SD-6 confiscated a decoder, but the ship self-destructed. SD-6 needs a decoder to read FTL communications. Joss Smythe, owner of a photo gallery in London, has one. The assignment: find out to where FTL has relocated, and bring back the decoder. Sydney tells Jack she knows the truth about him. Vaughn's counter-mission: Sydney will plant a microphone. When SD-6 has the decoder, the CIA will pull the information from SD-6's computer. Vaughn tells Sydney that there's no current investigation on Jack. Vaughn's dad, a CIA agent, died when he was eight. Tippin finds Kurtz, but she refuses to talk to him. She sprays his eyes. In London at the gallery, Dixon lights a cigar to divert attention. Sydney steals the decoder in the office safe. Back in L.A., Francie, Sydney, Tippin, and his sister Amy attend Charlie's singing premiere. Kurtz calls Tippin (she was paid $2000 to say she was Kate Jones and knew Danny); Tippin will come by tomorrow at 3:00. Charlie sings "Have a Little Faith in Me." Later, at SD-6, Sydney learns the decoder creates a code for each user based on each his or her DNA. Gareth Parkishaw led the FTL cell in Rabat but was assassinated by Martin Shepard, subconsciously programmed to obey orders when he heard a certain poem. SD-6 needs a sample of Parkishaw's DNA to activate some FTL cards, but they don't know where he's buried. Sydney must get Shepard to tell her where Parkishaw is. Marshall complains that the system is running slowly; maybe it's a bandwidth leak. Shepard is in a mental institution in Bucharest, Romania. Agent Fisher will help as Dr. Carlos Fontenetta. Sydney will pose as his patient. Jack tries to relay Vaughn's counter-mission, but she isn't interested. He says she doesn't know what she thinks she knows, but she doesn't have clearance for the truth. In Romania, Fisher checks Sydney in. Tippin goes to Kurtz's apartment, but it's been cleaned out and newly painted. Vaughn attends the funeral of the CIA officers. Marshall figures out that someone is downloading files from the server; he cuts off the server. Sloane calls L.F. and wants to meet about a possible mole. Sydney begins reciting the "No man is an island" poem to Shepard, but he attacks her. Guards move in. Vaughn's co-worker Weiss learns that the asylum's head doctor, Kreshnik, is with K-Directorate. Sydney finds that Fisher has been killed.

First televised November 25, 2001
Guest Starring John Hannah (Martin Shepard), Evan Dexter Parke (Charlie Bernard), Elaine Kagan (Editor June Litvack), Eugene Lazarev (K-Directorate Agent Dr. Kreshnik), and Sarah Shahi (Jenny); Written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman; Directed by Jack Bender; Edited by Maryann Brandon; Co-Starring Mark Galasso (Ed Davis)
SUMMARY: After seeing Fisher's body, Sydney flees but is shot with a dart by the head doctor (Kreshnik). Sloane tells jack that Sydney and Fisher missed their scheduled contact. The doctor tortures Sydney; he knows all about her mission but doesn't know if she's succeeded in getting the information from Shepard. She says she doesn't know. Joey shows Jack to "his table," where Vaughn is waiting. Vaughn wants them to co-ordinate Sydney's extraction. Jack refuses and is angry at Vaughn for pulling his file. The doctor wants Sydney killed, but she says she's his best chance to get information from Shepard. He gives her until tonight. Shepard doesn't trust Sydney and would rather die than leave. Sydney notices how the front door is opened (it requires two people). Shepard is sure he's seen her somewhere. When he's under orders, he sees in black in white, but now he's starting to see in black and white all the time. Tippin learns that Eloise Kurtz was found shot to death in Echo Park. Tippin tries to convince his editor there's a story here. Shepard dreams of a photo: "Happy Birthday Sydney." Sydney steals a guard's keys and tries to escape but is caught. Shepard comes to her aid, and together they escape and steal a police car. Sloane tells Marshall that the virus was a test to see who caught it and how fast; their security was monitoring it the whole time. Sloane congratulates Marshall, but Marshall thinks something is still wrong. Sydney calls Jack from the safehouse; he has arranged a charter flight to get her home. Shepard tells her he thought he was crazy. He tells her about seeing her photo--he was the one who murdered Danny. Sydney thinks neuro-tech McCullough programmed Shepard. She tells him she's a double-agent for the CIA. He says Parkishav's body is in marshland on the Texas/Louisiana border. In L.A., Sydney tells Sloane that Shepard committed suicide at the Bulgarian border. She tells Vaughn that Shepard is alive. Sydney returns home in time for Thanksgiving. Charlie visits. Tippin brings Jenny to the party. Charlie proposes to Francie. She accepts. Jack drops by and has a letter clearing him of KGB involvement. Since the FBI was after him, perhaps her mother's death was his fault. Later, Sloane tells Sydney that SD-6 found the body and ran a DNA sample through the decoder. The FTL message says that a possible Rambaldi artifact has been discovered in Tunisia. By the time SD-6 got there, FTL had already cleaned out the site. The object is now being studied at Oxford. Tippin's editor okays his story idea regarding Danny--why aren't the police interested in investigating. Tippin is having second thoughts. Vaughn's counter-mission: Sydney will get photos of the artifact. And Anna was spotted at the hospital in Romania after Sydney left. Vaughn and his girlfriend Alice broke up. Sydney gets a postcard from Shepard--he's seeing in color again. Sloane will get McCullough to ferret out the mole or moles and make an example out of them.

First televised December 2, 2001
Guest Starring Tobin Bell (SD-6 Agent Dreyer), Gina Torres (Anna Espinosa), Robert Clendenin (Kostia Bergman), Peter Dennis, Keone Young (Prof. Choy), Elaine Kagan (Editor June Litvack), and Jack Alexrod; Written by Jeff Pinkner; Directed by Perry Lang; Edited by Mary Jo Markey; Co-Starring Michael Halsey (Professor Hoyt); Featuring Sam Ayers (Man)
SUMMARY: Sydney tells Vaughn about her trip to Oxford. At the reception, Anna and Sydney spot each other. Sydney beats Anna to the artifact. At SD-6, Jack tells Sloane about the death of Eloise Kurtz, a new agent. Jack assigned her to lead Tippin to dead ends, but Tippin didn't stop, so Sloane had Kurtz killed. Jack doesn't know how Tippin got the Kate Jones name in the first place. Jack will get Tippin off the story or kill him himself. Sydney's professor is upset with Sydney's work. After class, Sydney is followed by--and overpowers--an SD-6 "tracker" (assigned by McCullough). She's angry at Sloane. At a briefing, Sloane identifies the artifact--a clock designed by Giovanni Denato (d. 1503), Rambaldi's only collaborator, and commissioned by him. Code is hidden within it, and there's a number on the back (a date?). The clock doesn't work. The mission: take the clock to Denato's descendent in Positano, and have him fix it. Jack tells Sydney that she needs Vaughn to prepare her for a functional imaging test (high-tech lie detector test) to be administered by Carl Dreyer. Tippin's editor demands he get a quote from Sydney about Danny's death. He visits her and finds books Jack gave Laura. Vaughn works with Sydney on beating the FIT. In Positano, Sydney meets Denato. He enjoys seeing the clock. Tippin's editor thinks he made up the Kate Jones story (the passenger manifest no longer has Jones's name on it). Denato talks about the original Denato--he refused all requests for specially-designed clocks except for Rambaldi, who promised "an impossibly long life" in exchange for the clock and even reveal when he would die. On the front of the clock is "<0>" representing the Order of Rambaldi. Anna and K-Directorate agents arrive. There's one piece missing, but the clock will still tell time. He won't say what Rambaldi was working on: "The clock is fixed. Now it's over." Agents shoot at Sydney, but Denato it hit and killed instead. Sydney takes the clock and flees, eluding Anna. In L.A., Francie spilled lemonade all over one of Sydney's mother's books. Sydney finds secret writing in the margins. Later, Vaughn tests Sydney again. Sydney tells him she suspects Jack again. Tippin puts away his Daniel Hecht file. Mike calls--he still has Eloise's car. Tippin inspects the car and finds a microphone. At SD-6, Marshall puts the Golden Sun disc (that Sydney took from the Spanish church) into the clock, and sets the time to 12:22, the disc creates a star chart from a specific time and place on Earth. The date on the back of the clock is August 16, 1523. At that time and date, the only place with that view of the stars is Mt. Aconcagua on the border of Chile and Argentina. The mission: to find out what's there. First, Dreyer tests Sydney. Vaughn's counter mission: to photograph what she finds. Sydney is worried about the test. Vaughn has a plan if she wants out. In Argentina, Sydney and Dixon begin a six-mile trek to the spot. He admires her sacrifices for her country after the death of Danny. They locate the spot and begin digging. There's a door with the "<0>" symbol on top of it. Sydney climbs down and finds a metal box with the symbol on top of it. Inside is Rambaldi's journal. Sydney begins photographing it. Dixon radios down: K-Directorate has found them. Sydney hears gunfire. At SD-6, Sloane asks about Sydney's test results. Dreyer thinks he's found the mole. Anna shoots Sydney and takes the journal. Sydney is okay and chases her up the ladder. They fight. Anna prevails.

First televised December 9, 2001
Guest Starring Miguel Sandoval (SD-6 Agent Anthony Russek), Tobin Bell (SD-6 Agent Dreyer), Timothy Landfield, and Christopher Thornton; Written by Debra J. Fisher & Erica Messer; Directed by Ken Olin; Edited by Virginia Katz; Co-Starring David St. James (Mr. Franco), Jon Curry (Philips), Yvonne Farrow (Diane Dixon), Timothy Halligan (Dr. Makaski), and Richard F. Whiten (Officer Pollard); Featuring Xaline Carr (Franco's Assistant), David Franco (Guard), Maurice Irvin (Man in the Couple), Cosimo Fusco (Logan Gerase)
SUMMARY: Sydney comes to and climbs to the surface. She finds Dixon near death--he's been shot near the heart. She radios the CIA for medical assistance. A helicopter airlifts them to Buenos Aires (she told Sloane she drove there); then SD-6 took them to Angel of Mercy hospital in L.A. (an SD-6 hospital). Sydney lies to Mrs. Dixon about what happened. Sydney talks to Vaughn; she's worried that Dixon heard her use her code name (Freelancer). Dreyer tells Sloane he's sure Sydney is the mole; her test results are "too perfect." Sloane isn't convinced. Dreyer will go to the Alliance if Sloane doesn't do anything. Tippin questions Sydney about her story. Sloane shows how men working for Ineni Hassan stage bank robberies in which bank funds are diverted by accessing the bank's computers. The U.S. government has frozen his accounts. SD-6 can't allow Hassan to be a free agent, but they don't know where he is or where the money went. Logan Gerase is an accountant with one client: Hassan. On Friday he'll have a party in Tuscany. Dixon is still in recovery; Sydney will be alone. The mission: to retrieve Hassan's offshore account number from Gerase's computer. Tippin's friend Neville discovers that Kurtz's pin has been active while Tippin has been telling him about the strange deaths of Danny and Kurtz. Vaughn says SD-6 wants revenge on Hassan--he blames SD-6 for Sydney's double-cross with the nuclear bomb (in "So It Begins") and sold them ten stinger anti-missiles but didn't deliver. The CIA wants Hassan brought to justice and SD-6 to get the money so it can be traced. Sydney will copy the info she gets from Gerase's computer. Marshall's gadgets: a box that sucks info from a computer's hard drive; a cell phone that can make a latex copy of Gerase's fingerprints. Sloane tells Sydney she passed the test. He tells her he tried to stop Danny's murder; she doesn't believe him. He says he's known Jack since 1971 and was at her parents' wedding. He's known her since she was a baby. He always thought of her as his daughter. Sloane sends message through server 5 to Spinelli at SD-4 in Rome--he orders the assassination of Sydney. In Tuscany, Sydney gets Gerase's fingerprint from a wine glass. Francie shops for wedding dresses. Tippin asks the microphone listeners to call him. Sydney breaks into Gerase's office and downloads he computer info. Weiss tells Vaughn that SD-6 will kill Sydney at Denadi Park; he orders an extraction team. Jack tells him to wait. He learns that Sloane has sent a message to Spinelli on server 5. The CIA has six armed agents at the park. Jack tells Vaughn that Sloane is bluffing; only Vaughn saw the transmission. A suspicious man--a Sloane plant--is not killed by the CIA. Sydney makes the dead drop without incident. Tippin tells Francie about the microphone, then gets a call warning him to stop talking about the bug. Dreyer and Sloane argue about whether Sydney is the mole. Dixon still hasn't awakened. Tippin gets a call for a meeting. Sloane learns that Gerase's computer had Hassan's bank but not account numbers. The numbers are in a safety deposit box in Geneva, Switzerland. Sydney and Russek will try to get the numbers. Vaughn tells Sydney that the "hit" on her was a set-up prevented by Jack. He gives her a transmitter so he can hear her in Switzerland. At a pay phone, Tippin tells his mysterious caller he wants to learn the truth about Kate Jones, no matter what. In Geneva, Mr. Franco gives Sydney a tour. She knocks him out with a spray, gets to Gerase's box (#22364), opens it, and reads off the account number. She can't get the drawer closed. Tippin receives a tape of some gunshots. Marshall detects an additional signal coming out of Geneva while Sydney was there and tells Dreyer. Dreyer reports to Sloane. Sloane visits Dixon in the hospital; Sydney visits next. Dixon doesn't remember what happened. In the parking garage, Sydney is kidnapped. Sloane gets a call: "We got her."

First televised December 16, 2001
Guest Starring Miguel Sandoval (SD-6 Agent Anthony Russek), Scott Paulin, Aharon Ipal‚ (Ineni Hassan/Nebseni Saad), Christopher Thornton, Scott Ellis Loring, Sarah Shahi (Jenny), and James Warwick; Written by J.J. Abrams & Vanessa Taylor; Directed by Jack Bender; Edited by Maryann Brandon; Featuring Conrad Gamble II (Bodyguard), Erica Inez (Hotel Manager), Kevin McCorkle (Agent), Dan Took (Agent Crey), Scott Vance (Security Section Agent #1), Nancy Wetzel (Amy Tippin)
Michael Vartan (Vaughn)

SUMMARY: Sloane tells Russek that Sydney must be made to think that if she doesn't reveal her work against SD-6, Russek will be tortured to death. A battered Russek is brought to Sydney, who tells her about the transmission from Geneva; she must tell SD-6 what she knows. Jack sees Sydney's desk cleared out by security. Sydney won't talk. Stephen tells Jack about the transmission from Geneva. Marshall shows Sloane something. Sloane tells Sydney that she's been cleared. Sydney tells Vaughn that Russek must have been transmitting to K-Directorate just when she transmitted to the CIA. But the CIA had no information of a Russek/K-Directorate association. Sydney wonders if Russek was an innocent sacrifice to set her up. Vaughn got Sydney a Christmas gift. Later, Sydney gets called away from an evening with her friends to go to work. Sloane's briefing: Ineni Hassan is selling arms to K-Directorate and is looking to partner with a number of rogue nations. Thanks to Bristow's work and SD-6's seizing Hassan's assets, they think they've located a private island (Simba Island) where forger Severin Driscol resides. Driscol probably created a new identity for Hassan; Sydney must learn what it is. Marshall's gadgets: sunglasses that take pictures and have telephoto lenses, and a cell phone with a card that unscrambles keycard systems. Jack denies having anything to do with the Russek plan. Vaughn tells Sydney that Russek was killed last night. Vaughn's counter mission: give Hassan's identity to CIA instead of SD-6. Tippin's friend analyzes Tippin's tape (a 9mm was used to kill Kurtz). Through some manipulation, they hear a man ask, "Did you tell him about SD-6?" Sydney visits Tippin invites him to Lake Arrowhead next week; Jenny is with him. In Kenya, Sydney arrives at the island and takes photos. She flirts with Driscol and learns his room number (#350). Tippin meets with a lawyer (Robert Staller) who tried a case (The People vs. David McNeil) in which SD-6 was mentioned. Computer Programmer McNeil started a business. The day he refused to sell to one particular business, the government started an investigation. He plea bargained because his wife may have been murdered. Sydney breaks into Driscol's room but is discovered by security. She kicks him through a door and finds a room with before-and-after pictures of Hassan's new identity. (Sydney actually bumped into him earlier that day at the island.) Later at SD-6, Sloane explains that Hassan has more than a new name; he has a new face, too. He is now in Havana as Nebseni Saad. Because Hassan has stolen from SD-6 and the community is watching, Sloane sends Jack to Havana to kill Hassan. Sloane talks about a "perfect" moment in 1969 when he was new at the CIA--he was at the Jefferson Memorial. Yet he could feel a darkness coming, even though he didn't know what form it would take. (This was before the CIA had betrayed him; before his wife had been diagnosed with lymphoma.) Sydney tells Vaughn Hassan's new identity, but he already knew--as did Sloane. He tells her about Jack's mission. The CIA counter-mission is to fake Hassan's death in exchange for his client list. Jack doesn't like the idea. Vaughn assures him that Hassan will be kept in CIA custody. He figured out that Russek never sent a transmission to K-Directorate; Jack altered the point of origin and changing the message content to make it look like the signal came from Russek. Sydney opens her gift from Vaughn--an antique frame. Later, Sydney tells Vaughn she believes Russek was innocent and is dead because of Jack. Vaughn says Russek was an early SD-6 member and knew he was working with the bad guys. He sold weapons to U.S. enemies to fund SD-6 operations. Vaughn informs Sydney that Hassan has captured Jack. At the Lompoc Federal Penitentiary, Tippin interviews McNeil. McNeil won't talk and warns him to stay away from Staller. In Havana, Sydney looks for Jack but gets captured. Hassan likes Jack's offer, but he must shoot Sydney to prove Hassan can trust him.

First televised January 6, 2002
Guest Starring Aharon Ipal‚ (Ineni Hassan/Nebseni Saad), James Handy (CIA Director Devlin), and Francesco Quinn (Minos Sakkoulas); Written by J.J. Abrams & Daniel Arkin; Directed by Harry Winer
SUMMARY: Jack blinks a message to Sydney. Jack shoots one guard, and Sydney takes out the other one. Jack and Sydney take Hassan hostage. Hassan is surprised the plan doesn't change: Jack will get his client list, and they will fake Hassan's death at a CIA safehouse in Havana. When Jack joined SD-6, he knew what they were all about, but she didn't. He didn't warn her because it would have meant revealing what he was doing. Hassan and Sydney leave by helicopter. Later, she thanks Vaughn for getting her into Cuba. She was impressed seeing Jack in action. Vaughn had the margin writings decoded from the books Jack gave Sydney's mom: they were KGB orders to kill CIA agents. The cases have remained unsolved all this time. Vaughn will report Jack. After Hassan's death, Minos Sakkoulas--who worked closely with Hassan--has been busy. He's been contacting Hassan's clients. He also has a "package" of Hassan's. Is it a weapon? Sydney and Dixon must go to Greece and learn what's in the package. Marshall's gadget: retinal scanner glasses. Hassan is at a CIA safehouse in L.A. He won't tell Vaughn about the package or anything else until his wife and son are brought over from Argentina. Jack thanks Sydney for coming for him. Vaughn's counter-mission: get info about the package and give SD-6 photos of unclassified weapons designs. Vaughn and Sydney debate whether to turn in Jack. She needs some time to think about it. Unbeknownst to her, Vaughn recorded their conversation. In Athens, Sydney finds Sakkoulas and gets the retina scan. Dixon puts in the special contacts the goes into the office himself to get the specs. Back in L.A., Hassan finally agrees to provide info to Vaughn. The package, along with other weapons, are in a silo on the isle of Crete in Greece. Sydney wants to go. Vaughn gives her the tape he recorded. He tells her one of the agents killed was his father, William Vaughn. He has an appointment with Devlin on Monday. Sydney goes to see Tippin and stays with him a while. Sydney gives to Jack the info Vaughn's got from Hassan about the silo on Crete. Soon, Sloane assigns her the mission to Crete. Once there, she finds the silo. After Sakkoulas leaves the bunker, Sydney enters. Back at the CIA, Hassan directs her to a hidden room. But Hassan gave the code for a lockdown; the place seals shut. Gasoline stars pouring; soon a flame will ignite. Hassan insists on a written promise that his family will be put under the witness protection program. Vaughn gets Devlin, who signs the agreement. Hassan gives Vaughn the code. Sydney punches it into the keypad; the door opens. Sakkoulas enters and attacks. Sydney gets out; Sakkoulas gets burned. Later, back in L.A., Sydney and Vaughn agree to meet with Devlin. The meeting begins--a number of people attend, including Jack, who sits at the head of the table with Devlin and introduces everyone. Jack figured out what was happening. He says that the books contained orders from the KGB to kill, but he wasn't the agent who carried out the orders; the agent was Sydney's mother.

12. THE BOX (PART 1)
First televised January 20, 2002
Special Guest Star Quentin Tarantino (McKenas Cole); Guest Starring Joey Slotnick (CIA Agent Steven Haladki), Agnes Bruckner (Kelly McNeil), Sarah Shahi (Jenny), and Patricia Wettig (Dr. Judy Barnett); Written by Jesse Alexander & John Eisendrath; Directed by Jack Bender; Edited by Virginia Katz; Co-Starring Jennifer Tung (Toni), Ben Bray (Tchen), Kristof Konrad (Endo), Igor JiJilcine (Chopper), Dave Lea (Ice), and Jeff Wolfe (Gonov); Featuring Randy Hall (Security Agent #1), Lawrence Lowe (Security Agent #2)
SUMMARY: Jack tells Sydney that he was set up by her mother; even having a family was part of her plan to steal secrets for the KGB. Sydney realizes all she knew about her mother was false. She apologizes to Vaughn for the death of his father; she wants to quit. A group (led by McKenas Cole) breaks into SD-6. Tippin decides to stop researching the McNeil case and the death of Eloise Kurtz. At SD-6, Jack tells Sydney she can't quit. Sloane recognizes Cole and enacts lockdown procedures. Knockout gas hits the office. (Sydney and Jack are in the elevator at the time.) A mystery man leaves an envelope for Tippin that will make McNeil talk, but Tippin says he's off the story and throws the envelope away. Jack says the attackers aren't from K-Directorate, but someone else. Cole is from a 1996 SD-6 mission in Chechnea sent to destroy a pipeline. They were successful but captured by the Russians and left for dead. Cole is now working for "The Man" and wants something from the SD-6 vault. Sloane refuses to divulge the combination. CIA psychologist Barnett asks him about his relationship with Sydney. Cole's men work at drilling into the vault; if it's opened, the underground levels of the building will collapse, obliterating evidence of the SD-6 offices. Jack needs the scrambler in Marshall's office to alter the vault code. Cole is upset the CIA denied knowing him when contacted by the Russians. McNeil's daughter tries to talk to Tippin, but he refuses. Cole's men make it into the vault room; now they just need the vault combination. Sloane refuses, so Cole opens "the box" of torture implements: "needles of fire." Sydney sneaks into Marshall's office and gets the scrambler. McNeil's daughter tracks Tippin down at his office. Stoller will send her away to some place safe if he'll fight for her father. Tippin opens his envelope and finds a key. Cole begins torturing Sloane, who gives him a code. Sydney positions the scrambler and resets the code, then flees into the air ducts before Cole arrives and fails to open the vault.

13. THE BOX (PART 2)
First televised February 10, 2002
Special Guest Star Quentin Tarantino (McKenas Cole); Guest Starring Joey Slotnick (CIA Agent Steven Haladki), Agnes Bruckner (Kelly McNeil), and James Handy (CIA Director Devlin); Written by Jesse Alexander & John Eisendrath; Directed by Jack Bender; Edited by Maryann Brandon; Co-Starring Jennifer Tung (Toni), Ben Bray (Tchen), Kirstof Konrad (Endo), Igor JiJilcine (Chopper), Dave Lea (Ice), Jeff Wolfe (Gonov), and Greta Sesheta (CIA Secretary)
SUMMARY: Cole captures Jack. Sydney works at disabling the three locations where there are explosives. Sloane says it was Cole's own fault that the men died in Chechnea. Dixon e-mails a message to the CIA at Langley; it gets routed to Devlin's office. Vaughn wants to check it out; Haladki wants to wait. Devlin agrees. Vaughn will go himself. Inside the parking garage, he overpowers one of the air conditioner repairmen and tells Haladki to send in an extraction team, but he doesn't. Tippin wonders about McNeil, who's been in jail for eight years (half of his term), and whether to help him. Vaughn finds Sydney; they work on diffusing the explosives. They get the first one when Cole's assistant Toni finds them. They overpower her. She claims she's British SIS infiltrating Cole's organization. She's supposed to steal something in the vault related to Rambaldi. Tippin unlocks box #305 at Pier 19 and finds Karen McNeil's pathology report. Sydney and Vaughn split up for the other two explosives locations. Vaughn disarms his. Cole announces over the intercom he will kill Jack unless the agent attacking his men reports to Sloane's office immediately. Sydney turns herself in. Vaughn calls Weiss, wondering when help is arriving. Cole remembers Sydney from five years ago--he asked her out; she refused. Cole tells her that Sloane will disappoint her. Tippin meets McNeil's daughter at her work; she must give the pathology report to her dad. Cole continues torturing Sloane. Sloane thinks the Russians broke Cole during interrogation. Cole loses control and kills Toni, then heads to the vault. Cole orders all of the SD-6 employees killed. Sydney and the others overpower Cole's men and escape. Sloane tells Jack that the explosives can only be deactivated with a keypad in his office requiring his right index fingerprint. At Sloane's insistence, Jack cuts off the finger. Sydney finds Cole; he easily defeats her. Jack deactivates the explosives as Cole enters the vault. He steals a small box with the Rambaldi "<0>" symbol on top. Vaughn, Weiss, and Sydney catch him on the way out. Vaughn and Weiss leave quickly, taking the Rambaldi box with them. It contains some sort of liquid. Sloane is shaken; nothing will be the same from now on.

First televised February 24, 2002
Guest Starring Evan Dexter Parke (Charlie Bernard), David Anders (Mr. Sark), Allison Dean (Stella Campbell), and Keone Young (Prof. Choy); Written by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci; Directed by Tom Wright; Edited by Maryann Brandon; Co-Staring Ray Laska (Floor Manager), Stephen Liska (Ilyich Ivankov), Jorgo Ognenovski (Lavro Kessar), and Patrick Pankhurst (Brandon Dohlgren); Featuring Christopher Grey (Security Guard), Douglas Robert Jackson (Dealer), James Lew (Quan Li), Joe Tappe (Security Officer), Frank Patton (Roulette Dealer), Bobby Rodgers (Reverend), John Fletcher (1st Card Player), and Hamilton Mitchell (2nd Card Player)
SUMMARY: In Hong Kong, at the Tydo-Chem Engineering office building (an FTL front company headquarters), Quan Li is gunned down. He was the head of FTL. The attack coincided with the attack on SD-6. FTL has crumbled. The attackers have FTL's Rambaldi artifacts and have contacted K-Directorate about sharing technology. Brandon Dohlgren, who lived year-round at the Regal Casino, is the go-between. The mission: to plant a bug and learn the whereabouts of the meeting. Vaugh's counter-mission: the same. Sydney considers dropping her American Literature class. McNeil meets with Tippin. Daughter Kelly is out of the country. McNeil will talk, but first Tippin must go to OT Technologies, where McNeil used to work, and get to the computer server to download the "Dolphin" file containing a list of users of McNeil's encryption software. At school, Sydney meets Stella Campbell, who dated Charlie a few months ago. In Las Vegas, Dixon will try to switch Dohlgren's ring. Sydney sees Francie and Charlie on vacation. Dixon plays poker at Dohlgren's table. Sydney sees Francie and Charlie in a wedding chapel and tells Charlie to tell Francie about Stella, or else she will. Dixon manages to switch Dohlgren's ring during the game. Back in L.A., Sydney tells Francie about Stella; Francie thinks Sydney just has something against Charlie. Sydney and Jack meet at an amusement park. He recommends that she stay in school. SD-6 decoded Dohlgren's phone call and learned the whereabouts of the FTL meeting, but not the identity of "The Man" or his organization. Sydney and Dixon will spy on the Moscow meeting. Vaughn's counter-mission: the same. Francie tells Sydney that Charlie told her everything. In Moscow, Sydney hangs from the building outside the K-Directorate meeting. Mr. Sark, director of operations for "The Man," meets with Ivankov, the leader of K-Directorate. "The Man" will pay $100 million for the Rambaldi manuscript acquired in Argentina. The offer is refused, so the leader is shot. Second-in-command Kessar is now the leader of K-Directorate and accepts the offer. Sydney is discovered.

15. PAGE 47
First televised March 3, 2002
Guest Starring Sarah Shahi (Jenny) and Amy Irving (Emily Sloane); Written by J.J. Abrams and Jeff Pinker; Directed by Ken Olin; Edited by Virginia Katz; Co-Starring Michelle Arthur (Abigail), Jorgo Ognenovski (Lavro Kessar), Bryan Rasmussen (Officer Coben), and David Anders (Mr. Sark); Featuring Dan Took (Agent Grey)
SUMMARY: Sydney eludes her pursuers and returns to L.A. Tippin wakes up with Jenny. He's won a Caplan award for one of his articles ("most inspirational article"). Sloane has a tape of Tippin meeting with McNeil a third time. Jack must take care of it immediately. Sloane: "There are some truths Sydney must never learn." Sydney and Francie both agree to take off their engagement rings. Tippin is bugged. Ivankov's body was delivered to the K-Directorate headquarters in St. Petersburg. Sloane thinks Sark is holding Kessar hostage until the manuscript is delivered. Sydney and Dixon must intercept the book--the trade's being made in Tunisia. Vaughn's counter-mission: to photograph the pages of the book (same as in Argentina). Rambaldi refers to the "one hundred segments," but it continues on a page Vaughn doesn't have. Vaughn also wants Sydney to visit Sloane's sick wife Emily and plant a bug in her home. Tippin tells McNeil that of the forty-two companies that use McNeil's encryption software, at least six have a common board member: Alain Christophe of the CIA who ran counter-intelligence at Langley. On the way home, Tippin is kidnapped. In Tunisia, Sydney boards K-Directorate's boat, overpowers the men, and gets the book. She photographs the pages when Sark arrives, so she flees--in the boat, leaving Sark and his men on the dock. Tippin's captors (led by a masked Jack) threaten his family and Sydney if he doesn't cease his investigation. Sloane orders everyone from the boat killed. Emily invites Sydney "and a friend" to dinner. Vaughn gives Sydney a paperclip bug for Sloane's home office. The CIA is reviewing Sydney's photos of the manuscript; the important page 47 is blank. Jenny picks up Tippin, but he breaks up with her, so she dumps him off. Sydney meets with Vaughn and Jack--the manuscript is being taken to Germany tomorrow, so she needs to switch page 47 tonight during the dinner. Jack will attend the dinner tonight, too. That night, Sydney plants the paperclip bug. Sloane shows Sydney the manuscript before it leaves for England. Most of the text is Italian, but some of it is in a code they can't decipher. Emily is familiar with Tippin's work, notably the story about a man who led a worker's revolt against a "monster" of a boss. Sydney sneaks off and replaces page 47. The next day, Tippin tells McNeil that he can't pursue the story. The CIA figures out how to read the Rambaldi document. They used the liquid in the SD-6 vault (that Cole stole in "The Box, Part 2") on page 47 to get the ink to show up. Vaughn shows the page to Sydney--it has a drawing of what looks like Sydney's face.

First televised March 10, 2002
Special Guest Star Roger Moore (Edward Poole); Guest Starring Lindsay Crouse (Dr. Carson Evans), James Handy (CIA Director Devlin), Derrick O'Connor (Alexander Khasinau), Joey Slotnick (CIA Agent Steven Haladki), Castulo Guerra (Jean Briault), Wolf Muser (Alliance Member Ramon Veloso), and Amy Irving (Emily Sloane); Written by John Eisendrath; Directed by Davis Guggenheim; Edited by Maryann Brandon; Co-Starring Joe d'Angerio (Dr. Watterson), Robert Arce (Hobbes), and Allen Williams (Senator Mark Townsend); Featuring Lilyan Chauvin (Signora Ventutti), Anya Matanovic (Opera Student), and Joseph Vasallo (Vatican Station Chief).
SUMMARY: At a meeting of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman Townsend receives a report about Sydney from Dr. Carson Evans of DSR (Department of Special Research, which looks into the paranormal). Sydney is back from Brazil, where she was getting surveillance photos of someone who might be "The Man." Evans leads a National Security Agency investigation of Sydney and takes files from his office. Vaughn alerts Sydney. She'll be brought in for questioning soon. The DSR thinks the Rambaldi text, "The Prophesy," refers to a woman still alive--so it's Sydney, not her mom. But the DSR won't tell Sydney (or Vaughn) what the prophesy says. Dr. Watterson conducts the tests on Sydney. Vaughn and Heladki observe from another room. The test is cut short, but Lockley won't tell Vaughn why. Sydney won't let them conduct physical tests. Sloane tells Sydney that "The Man" is Alexander Khasinau (photographed in Brazil)--he received the Sark communique about the loss of the Rambaldi manuscript. He's former KGB with ties to the Russian mafia. Khasinau has moved his operations, so until he makes a move, Sloane wants Sydney to check in on Emily to lift her spirits. Sloane wants Khasinau dead, but the Alliance can't decide. They'll meet in London to vote on killing him. The old Soviet block controls five of the twelve votes. Sloane isn't sure of three other voters. Edward Poole, who oversees SD-9, says he'll vote to take action. Oscar Dunst and Jean Briault are mysteries. Poole will fly to L.A. to strategize with Sloane. Sydney visits Emily, who has cancer and won't live much longer. Sydney decides to let the DSR run the rest of their tests (for certain physical anomalies). At SD-6, Poole tells Sloane that Briault (an old friend of Sloane's) is an agent of Khasinau; Sloane doesn't believe it. Devlin doesn't want Evans to take Sydney into custody. Later, Jack tells Sydney that the DSR thinks they've uncracked the other half of the Rambaldi text. Sydney wonders if the DSR has the right code key. The original one is kept in the secret archives of the Vatican. Jack wants Devlin's help with the Vatican mission. Sloane tells Poole he'll take care of the Briault problem himself. Vaughn agrees to be Sydney's partner on the Vatican mission. In Rome, Sydney and Vaughn, disguised as repairmen, enter the Vatican and find the code key hidden in the frame of a painting of Pope Alexander VI, for whom Rambaldi was chief architect. Vaughn photographs the instructions. Back in Los Angeles, Sloane has learned of the counterfeit page in the Rambaldi manuscript. He wants Jack to look into it while he's in London at the Alliance meeting. In Montreal, Briault meets with Sloane, who shoots him. In London, the Alliance meeting begins with a moment of silence for Briault. The vote is cast: 6-5 against taking aggressive action toward Khasinau. Sloane realizes that Poole is Khasinau's agent--he doctored the photos of Briault and set him up. Poole leaves in Khasinau's limo. Sydney and Vaughn return to L.A. Sydney meets Tippin and Francie at a nightclub. The DSR people are there, too. Sydney leaves with them. Once outside, she's taken into custody. Vaughn and Evans are there. The CIA had the right code, after all, and Sydney's physical traits match Rambaldi's descriptions. She is the one who will "bring forth [Rambaldi's] works" and use "the greatest power" in anger and fury to bring about "utter desolation."

17. Q & A
First televised March 17, 2002
Special Guest Star Terry O'Quinn (FBI Special Officer Kendall); Guest Starring Joey Slotnick (CIA Agent Steven Haladki); Written by J.J. Abrams; Directed by Ken Olin; Edited by Mary Jo Markey; Featuring Jon Simmons (FBI Officer), Andrew A. Rolfes (Guard), Lisa Dinkins (FBI Agent Baker), Frank Hoyt Taylor (FBI Agent Dunn), and Edward Atterton (Danny Hecht)
SUMMARY: Flash forward: Sydney eludes pursuers by driving into a river. Present: Haladki, the DSR/CIA interagency liaison, doesn't know what's going to happen to Sydney. An FBI tribunal (Kendall, Baker, Dunn) questions Sydney. Sydney tells how she came to work for SD-6 and the CIA. Jack meets with Vaughn--Sydney's case is highly classified, and they don't know what's going on. Sloane wants to meet with her Tuesday; if she's still in custody, her cover could be blown. Sydney tells about her work for SD-6 and Daniel Hecht. Vaughn learns that Haladki used to be an FBI agent and probably knows where Sydney is being held. "SD" stands for the "section that doesn't exist." Christophe, one of the Alliance founders, came up with the name. The Alliance of Twelve is like the board of directors of a company that trades intelligence to bargain with governments, corporations, or anyone else that will pay for it. Sydney gets angry at the implication that her father brought her into SD-6, not Sloane. Vaughn studies the Rambaldi prophesy. He realizes that the woman in the prophesy has never sees Mt. Subasio (Rambaldi's birthplace). Vaughn and Jack plan to get Sydney to Italy. Sydney talks about her mother, who died when Sydney was six years old and turned out not to be a literature professor at UCLA. Then she tells about getting missions from SD-6 and countermissions from the CIA. Jack gets the information about Sydney from Haladki. Sydney talks about Milo Rambaldi, Pope Alexander VI's chief architect, and an artist and inventor. He was executed as a heretic. Now, SD-6, the CIA, K-Directorate, and everyone else in the intelligence world seeks to uncover his master plan. During Sydney's transport, she is kidnapped by Jack, Vaughn, and Weiss. They're going to make sure she gets to Mt. Subasio. Sydney puts on a disguise and changes cars--a jet at Dozier field will take her to Italy. Police chase Sydney. She eludes them by driving to the dock and into the river. Tippin and Francie watch on TV. Sydney survives by breathing air from the car tire. That night, she meets with Jack. Sydney believes her mom stayed alive the same way, and that the prophesy is about her.

First televised April 7, 2002
Guest Starring Peter Berg (SD-6 Agent Noah Hicks), Angus Scrimm (SD-6 Agent McCullough), and Patricia Wettig (Dr. Judy Barnett); Written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman; Directed by Craig Zisk; Edited by Virginia Katz
SUMMARY: Sydney makes it to the top of the mountain. Once back in L.A., Jack tells Sydney that he broke into CIA files and learned that Sloane was in a commission that investigated Laura's accident, and that she didn't die then. Sydney decides to look for her, but Jack argues against it. Vaughn can't help her; Laura's file is highly classified. Sydney visits Sloane: after Laura's death, Jack was in solitary confinement for six months on suspicion of working with Laura. He was cleared, but he began to unravel. Sloane promises to help Sydney find Laura. The next day at an SD-6 briefing, Jack reports that Kyle Wexler, an SD-6 agent in the Russian embassy in Vienna, learned that Khasinau has converted $250 million of assets into cash. Sydney's mission: attend a reception at the embassy, where Wexler will supply a disc detailing some of Khasinau's transactions. Khasinau was Laura's superior at the KGB. At the embassy in Vienna, Sydney and Dixon attend a masquerade party. Jack is upset at Sloane for offering to assist Sydney find Laura. Sloane suggests Jack take a few days off to clear his head. Marshall's gadgets: earrings that emit an infra-red pulse. In Vienna, Wexler's partner meets with Sydney and says that Wexler is dead. Sydney and Noah find the microchip lodged inside Wexler's dead body and escape. (Noah must leave too; he thinks his cover is about to be blown.) Five years ago Sydney and Noah dated before he suddenly left for Vienna. Back in L.A., Sloane is upset that Noah has returned. Sloane believes Sydney now owes him a favor. Noah is debriefed by McCullough. Sydney meets with Vaughn, then finds Jack in a bar at 2:00 p.m. Upon Sydney's recommendation, Devlin wants Jack to see a counselor for trauma evaluation. Sydney and Noah examine the microchip. Francie finds a return ticket from Italy in Sydney's jacket pocket (Sydney said she'd been in Seattle). Tippin can't explain it. At SD-6, Sloane reports that Khasinau bought two super-computers that might be able to extrapolate Rambaldi's overall design. Sydney needs to steal the data core. The computer complex is a mile underground in "Arkhangelisk." Sydney and Noah will go. Jack meets with Barnett; she doesn't believe anything he says and tells him to come back next week. In Arkhangelisk, Sydney and Noah break into the computer complex. Sydney runs searches on Laura Bristow (no matches found) and Irina Derevko (lots found). Sydney and Noah steal the core. They get to a safehouse; an extraction team will arrive in six hours. Sydney and Noah begin to make love.

First televised April 14, 2002
Guest Starring Peter Berg (SD-6 Agent Noah Hicks), Natasha Pavlovich (Irina Derevko/Laura Bristow), Stephen Spinella (Mr. Kishell), Boris Lee Krutonog (Igor Sergei Valenko/FBI Agent Calder), Angus Scrimm (SD-6 Agent McCullough), Paul Lieber, and Patricia Wettig (Dr. Judy Barnett); Written by Jesse Alexander & Jeff Pinkner; Directed by Barnet Kellman; Edited by Maryann Brandon; Co-Starring Richard F. Whiten (Officer Pulard; Featuring Don Took (Agent Grey) and Scott Yance (Agent Douglas)
SUMMARY: Khasinau's men have discovered Sydney and Noah's location, but the agents escape. In L.A., Vaughn tells Sydney that K-Directorate has hired the "Snowman" (on the CIA's most-wanted list) to kill Khasinau. Noah has money hidden in several off-shore accounts and wants Sydney to leave with him. Sydney says first she has to find her mother. Sloane has been investigating Noah. Jack tells Sydney that the data core she stole provides no useful information in tracking down Khasinau, though it contains video footage of Laura after the accident. Dixon doesn't trust Noah. McCullough questions Noah about financial transactions; Sloane thinks Noah is hiding something. Sydney watches the video of Khasinau interviewing Laura. (He recruited her to the KGB in 1970.) She was assigned to gain the trust of Jonathan Donahue Bristow and gather information about his operation, Project Christmas. Vaughn is headed to Bogata to meet with someone (Kishell) who used to work with the Snowman, then was attacked by him. Sydney recognizes FBI Agent Calder (Igor Sergei Valenko) in the Laura/Khasinau video. Sydney believes Calder's death was faked, too. She wants to find him. He may have been spotted in Cape Town, South Africa. Jack tells Sydney that SD-6 believes Noah has ties to K-Directorate. In Bogota, Vaughn meets with Kishell. He will contact the Snowman himself and help the CIA. Jack tells Sloane that Sydney wants to work with Noah on the Calder case. Sydney and Noah head to Calder's back in Cape Town to break into their records and locate Calder. Vaughn's counter-mission: relay the information about Calder to the CIA. Marshall's gadget: an armband that cancels out noise. In Cape Town, Sydney and Noah break into the bank's server and download files. Back in L.A., Jack watches the Laura video talking about her mission and how Jack was a fool. Jack schedules an appointment with Barnett. Francie and Tippin ask Sydney about the ticket to Italy; she says it was a secret meeting with a bank client. The trip to Cape Town didn't help finding Calder; apparently something erased the data in Noah's laptop. Sloane assigns Noah to a petrol geoscience program. But he's really going to sneak off to a south Pacific island and escape SD-6. He's leaving tonight. He gives Sydney a plane ticket and wants her to give him one week to try it out. Marshall tells Sloane he's found Calder in Australia. Sydney and Dixon will snatch him and bring him back for questioning. In Mackay, Australia, Sydney finds Calder's mansion empty, and the guards killed. Meanwhile, Vaughn learns that the Snowman is in Mackay and going after Calder to get to Khasinau. Sydney finds a masked man attacking Calder. She fights him; he gets stabbed. It's Noah. He dies.

First televised April 21, 2002
Guest Starring James Handy (CIA Director Devlin), David Anders (Mr. Sark), Tony Amendola (SD-6 Agent Tambor Barcelo), Kirk B.R. Woller (Rat Exterminator), and Amy Irving (Emily Sloane); Written by John Eisendrath; Directed by Daniel Attias; Edited by Mary Jo Markey; Co-Starring Michelle Arthur (Abigail), Alec Maray (Siol), Al Faris (Solim Wuhid), Zuhair Hoddod (Sayyud), and Nameer El-Xodi (Algesaibi)
SUMMARY: Back in L.A., Sydney trains and deals with the aftermath of having killed Noah. She doesn't like being suspicious all of the time or her loss of control in continuing to work with SD-6. Vaughn shows her how much damage she's done to the organization. The mystery man calls Tippin and is disappointed he's off the story. He says, "It was Jack Bristow." There are rats in Sydney's apartment. Sydney has a plan that Vaughn presents to Devlin--make Khasinau come to them by offering up a "second vial" of the Rambaldi liquid that they will supposedly steal from an art museum rumored to have Rambaldi artifacts. Tippin realizes that Jack was his kidnapper. Sydney visits Emily in the hospital. Emily tells Sydney that her family and friends are more important than her job at SD-6 (but she thinks it's U.S. intelligence work). Later, Jack tells Sydney that the Alliance Security will decide Emily's fate after meeting with Sloane. Sydney gets a week off to go to "the desert." In Algeria, Sydney and Vaughn pose as insurance representatives and meet with the art museum officials, ostensibly to test their security systems. Sydney steals some artifacts from the vault. Tippin gives a story to co-worker Abby; she's to publish it if anything happens to him. Tippin meets with Jack and says he knows he kidnapped him, but not much else. He wants to let the SD-6 story go, but a mysterious source keeps giving him tips that are never wrong. Jack warns Devlin that someone with access to Omega-17 files is leaking information to a reporter. Jack suspects Haladki. Devlin is not receptive. The Alliance decides that Emily must be terminated; Sloane says he'll fight it. The Alliance already wonders about Sloane's allegiance because of his pursuit of Khasinau. Tippin meets with Jack. Tippin will tell the mystery man he's frightened of Jack and is back on the story. Marshall has been investigating Edward Poole (formerly of MI-6) and found a way through his cell phone to tap Khasinau's line. Khasinau is sending Sark to Denpasar buy the Rambaldi liquid. Sydney will make the exchange, then switch the liquids with a traceable solution that will be carried back to Khasinau. SD-6 hears about the deal and will have men there, too. Sloane visits Emily in the hospital. A biopsy is scheduled for next week. In Denpasar (Indonesia), Sydney, in disguise, meets with Salk. They duel, then make the exchange. Suddenly Dixon arrives with SD-6 agents and demands the vial.

First televised May 5, 2002
Guest Starring David Anders (Mr. Sark), Derrick O'Connor (Alexander Khasinau), Joseph Ruskin (Alliance Member Alain Christophe), Wolf Muser (Alliance Member Ramon Veloso), Kamala Lopez Dawson (Oncologist Dr. Lemon), and Amy Irving (Emily Sloane); Written by Erica Messer & Debra J. Fisher; Directed by Ken Olin; Edited by Virginia Katz; Co-Starring Philippe Bergeron (Locques Tripezier); Featuring Christopher Dukes (Alpha Team Leader), Yvons Jourdain (Second Door Guard), Angela Nogaro (Make-up Artist), and Tom Waite (Interrogator)
SUMMARY: In Denpasar, Vaughn throws an explosive into the arena. Vaughn pursues Sark, who still has the real liquid, while Sydney is instructed to flee. Dixon catches Sydney. They fight; he cuts her on the arm, but Vaughn rescues her after getting to Sark and making the switch of liquids. In Los Angeles, Tippin sets up a meeting with the mystery man by claiming he knows about "the circumference." Sloane meets with the Alliance in London to discuss the fate of Emily. He says he'll resign if the Alliance takes any action against her; he reminds them of SD-6's success in bringing money and Rambaldi artifacts to the Alliance. Poole's association with Alexander Khasinau has been discovered; the Alliance agrees to go to war against Khasinau. But they do not want him killed. If Sloane brings back good information, the Alliance will reconsider about Emily. Sydney returns to work and notices that Sydney's arm hurts when it is bumped. She learns that SD-6 has captured Sark. Weiss worries that Vaughn is becoming too personally involved with Sydney. Sark agrees to provide Sloane with information about Khasinau, and the information is independently verified. Sark is scheduled to meet Khasinau Thursday at a club. Sydney and Dixon will go there and switch a real Rambaldi page with a fake. Tippin and Jack co-ordinate Tippin's meeting with the mystery man in Paris. Vaughn's counter-mission for Sydney: switch the pages Dixon takes with CIA counterfeits. Sloane visits Emily. In Paris, Dixon and Sydney arrive at Khasinau's club. Marshall's gadgets: a ring that can reproduce Khasinau's heartbeat to get Sydney into the vault. Tippin prepares to meet the mystery man and is prepped by Jack. In the club, Khasinau meets with Sark, who gives him the liquid. Sydney poses as one of the entertainers and sings on stage. She comes over to Khasinau's table and uses the ring to get his heartbeat. Dixon is then able to break into the vault. Sydney sees Tippin being led away. He's about to be interrogated when Sydney rescues him. Khasinau's men pursue. Jack drives Sydney and Tippin away. Tippin is confused as Sydney and Jack argue. Tippin gets a make-over. Jack believes Khasinau is still trying to bring down SD-6 and expose Sydney and Jack. Because of SD-6's success in Paris, the Alliance will spare Emily. Dixon asks Sydney about her injured arm. Dixon doubts her rock-climbing story. In Paris, Sark escaped, the SD-6 is tracking him. Sloane thanks Sydney for not reporting Emily's SD-6 comment to security. The CIA is working on contingency plans to keep Tippin safe, either witness protection or recruitment. Sydney thinks Tippin won't trust her ever again. She meets with him at a safehouse in L.A. Tippin promises he won't ask her any questions; he loves her regardless and is appreciative she saved his life. Sloane and Emily learn that her lymphoma is in remission. Sloane looks worried. SD-6 tracks Sark to Geneva, where he had a blood transfusion to elude SD-6's detection. He pops up outside Tippin's quarters and shoots him.

First televised May 12, 2002
Guest Starring David Anders (Mr. Sark), Derrick O'Connor (Alexander Khasinau), James Handy (CIA Director Devlin), Joey Slotnick (CIA Agent Steven Haladki), Elaine Kagan (Editor June Litvack), Wolf Muser (Alliance Member Ramon Veloso), Ric Young (Taiwanese Torturer), and Amy Irving (Emily Sloane); Written and Directed by J.J. Abrams; Edited by Maryann Brandon; Co-Starring Michelle Arthur (Abigail) and Emily Worchtel (Worker)
Garner and Victor Garber (Jack Bristow)

SUMMARY: Tippin is brought to a room and questioned by Sark about the Circumference. He doesn't know, so he's tortured. In L.A., Francie tells Sydney she's going to open a restaurant. Sark calls Sydney and says he'll kill Tippin unless he gets the Rambaldi page and the liquid within forty-eight hours in Taipei. SD-6 has the page; the CIA has the liquid. Sydney and Jack must know what's on the page before making any trade with Sark. The liquid is in a storage facility; the page is on an off-shore lab site near Santa Barbara. They'll need Sloane's voice ID and fingerprints. Sydney can't tell Vaughn about anything because there's a mole in the CIA. Sloane takes Emily to a remote beach house and tells her that, among other things, SD-6 is not part of the CIA. The information upsets her. Sydney works at getting Sloane's fingerprints, passwords, and voice samples. Dixon asks Marshall about Sydney's codename in the Aconcagua ("Time Will Tell"/"Mea Culpa") operation (Bluebird, not Freelancer). Sydney meets with Sloane. Tippin is tortured. An Alliance representative, Ramon, tells Sloane that Emily needs to be eliminated. Sloane proposes bringing her into the organization; the Alliance is falling apart with corruption and infighting, and he won't help it to survive if Emily is killed. With Poole and Briault gone, there are two open spots. Sloane demands one of them. By unanimous vote, the Alliance will allow Sloane to enter as a full partner--if he takes care of the Emily matter. Dixon secretly watches as Sydney prepares to enter the SD-6 offshore lab. She steals the Rambaldi page as Jack secures the liquid. Weiss reports Vaughn's suspicions about Sydney. Dixon confronts Sydney about her activities; he threatens to report her to security. Jack calls Devlin, who suspects that Jack is the mole and tells him that Haladki is starting an investigation. Tippin is injected with truth serum. Abigail hasn't heard from Tippin, so she's going to run the story he left for her (in "The Solution"). Sydney applies the liquid to the Rambaldi page--it shows a device she stole from Taipei last year (in the pilot). Jack believes this device is the Circumference, and this page contains instructions on how to use it. Jack tortures Haladki, who admits that he's worked for Khasinau for two years. The Circumference is a key, a battery for something he's built. It's in Taipei. Haladki told Khasinau that Sydney is a double-agent. Jack shoots Haladki. Vaughn finds Sydney at the train station. Vaughn's dad's blind devotion to his job killed him. Vaughn will help Sydney if she needs him. On the flight to Taipei, Jack explains his plan: he will exchange the page for Tippin while Sydney and Vaughn destroy the device and the lab. The torturer concludes that Tippin doesn't know anything about the Circumference. Tippin is prepared for the exchange; he attacks his torturer. Sloane prepares Emily's drink. She forgives him for his choices. In Taipei, Jack exchanges the Rambaldi page for Tippin. Sydney finds the device--it's huge. She plants a bomb, eludes Cavanaugh's men, and flees a torrent of water. Sydney makes it to safety; Vaughn gets trapped in the hallway. Sydney gets knocked out; when she awakes, she is chained to a chair. Khasinau offers her food, but she refuses. He is not "The Man"; "The Man" is his boss. Khasinau leaves. Sydney's mom enters: "I have waited almost thirty years for this."

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