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Spectrum: The Magazine of Television, Film, & Comics!
Tired of shallow and frivolous entertainment magazines? Then Spectrum is for you!

Spectrum #22

Our interviews take the art of television seriously in our discussions with men and women both in front of and behind the camera (such as Andre Braugher, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Heath Ledger, Bruce Campbell, Kevin Sorbo, Shaun Cassidy, Kevin Smith, Tom Fontana, Rick Mercer, and many others)! And our episode guides are the best around, providing synopses and commentaries for every episode. We've covered everything from Homicide and American Gothic to The X-Files, Buffy, Xena, and Roswell to relatively obscure gems such as Don McKellar's Twitch City and the work of Ken Finkleman (The Newsroom, Foolish Heart, etc.). Whatever your area of interest, you'll find coverage here!

Spectrum #15

Whether it's a popular phenomenon like James Cameron's Titanic or a tour-de-force art film like Peter Weir's Picnic At Hanging Rock or a fascinating grand finale like Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, you'll find the most extensive analyses in print in Spectrum!

Spectrum #9

Looking for lengthy interviews with comics greats such as Barry Windsor-Smith, Adam Hughes, Tim Bradstreet, and Chris Sprouse? We've done them, including career checklists and previously unpublished art accompanying every interview! We've also published rare work by Michael Golden, Gil Kane, Bill Willingham, and others. For discriminating fans of comic art, Spectrum is a necessity!

Wrapped in Plastic

Wrapped in Plastic is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to analysis and critique of the works of David Lynch and other artists associated with the television series, Twin Peaks. WIP regularly features in-depth analyses of films (and other projects) by Lynch, interviews with Twin Peaks actors, writers, and producers, news on current projects by Lynch and other TP alum, a letters column, and news on the television series The X-Files.

WIP had garnered considerable attention over the years. In 1994 Entertainment Weekly listed Wrapped in Plastic as a "cool cult favorite"--one of 58 "cool" items from that year. Wrapped in Plastic is also mentioned in at least four volumes of television/film commentary, Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks by David Lavery (Wayne State University Press), Deny All Knowledge: Reading The X-Files edited by David Lavery, Angela Hague, and Marla Cartwright (Syracuse University Press), Television's Second Golden Age by Robert J. Thompson (continuum), and The Passion of David Lynch by Martha Nochimson (University of Texas Press).

Praise for Spectrum and Wrapped in Plastic:

"Your criticisms [in Spectrum] are concise and intelligent. (A rarity!)"
--Tom Fontana, Emmy-winning writer/producer of Homicide, St. Elsewhere, and Oz

"Cool cult favorites: Agent Cooper lives on in a die-hard mag even Killer Bob would love."
--Benjamin Svetkey, Entertainment Weekly #228 (June 24, 1994)

"A cult infatuation with Twin Peaks has developed...manifesting itself in such efforts as a hardy 'zine called Wrapped in Plastic."
--Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Chicago Reader, November 24, 1995

"If you're wanting serious discussion of some of TV's most intelligent'd be hard pressed to find better insight than is found in Wrapped in Plastic and Spectrum."
--Michael Price, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, August 30, 1996

"[Wrapped in Plastic] obsesses about plot twists that might have been, analyzes scripts with an academic's eye, and offers sober interviews with cast members. It's what Special Agent Dale Cooper would have called damn fine."
--Evan Smith, Texas Monthly, September 1996

"Co-Editors Craig Miller and John Thorne have really done their homework here....WIP has done an incredible job in covering all aspects of [The X-Files]."
--Christina Donahue, Sci-Fi Universe #4, December 1994

"For Video Watchdog readers interested in delving deeper into [Twin Peaks], I recommend [the] TP-zine Wrapped in Plastic."
--Tim Lucas, Video Watchdog #18, July 1993

"Editor's Choice. [Wrapped in Plastic] never ceases to amaze me. It's so professionally done and filled with so much information that it's always on the top of my list....An amazing zine about some amazing TV shows....Excitingly written."
--R. Seth Friedman, Factsheet Five #51 (1994) & #54 (January 1995) & #59 (February 1996)

"From the creators of the wonderful Wrapped in Plastic comes this new magazine [Spectrum] that probes deep into the creation of TV shows....An impressive first issue, sure to develop an avid following."
--R. Seth Friedman, Factsheet Five #54 (January 1995)

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