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Before Win-Mill Productions became known throughout the world for indepth analyses of television and film, they produced comic books and comic-related magazines. And some of this material is actually half-way decent. We dug through the vaults and decided to offer these early publications for sale. Get 'em now before they're gone forever!

Prices on this page are in U.S. dollars and include shipping.

But first, a word from our sponsor:
Love comics and art? Check out these issues of Spectrum!

(L-R) Issue 4 (Adam Hughes), Issue 9 (Chris Sprouse), Issue 11 (Barry Windsor-Smith), Issue 22 (Gil Kane, Frank Frazetta), Issue 26 (Gary Gianni), Issue 30 (The Tick), Issue 31 (Spider-Man movie), Issue 33 (Adam Hughes), and Issue 34 (Mark Schultz, Comic Book Movies)! See the Spectrum back issue listings for details!

And now, back to our regularly-scheduled listings!

(December 1993) Rare Dave Sim interview from 1982 during High Society; extensive Sim checklist; an article on the early Cerebus influences (Howard the Duck, Conan, and Warner Bros. cartoons); part one of "The Cerebus Timeline" by Alexx Kay; a look at other comics that satirized Cerebus; and more. Two full-page illustrations by John Lucas. Previously unpublished Sim/Gerhard color cover. 40 pages. Mint copies are sold out, but we have a few with minor dents or printing flaws.

$20.00 (to U.S./Canada; click here)

$25.00 (foreign overseas; click here)

(December 1994) Two Dave Sim interviews--an "online" 1992 discussion and a new interview specifically for CC 2; articles on High Society and the influence of Neal Adams art on the early issues of Cerebus; Sim checklist, part 2; High Society timeline by Alexx Kay; a look at Cerebus the Newsletter; and more! 40 pages. (Near mint)

$10.00 (to U.S./Canada; click here)

$15.00 (foreign overseas; click here)

(December 1982) Dave Sim cover! Inside is a six-page interview with rare sketches and photos. The text of the interview was later reprinted in Cerebus Companion 1, but most of the drawings and one of the photos were not. Also in this issue: Roger Slifer interview about Omega Men; and rare (though small) photos of Frank Miller, George Perez, Michael Golden, and Bill Sienkiewicz. This is not a Win-Mill Productions zine, but it was edited by one of the WMP editors in his pre-WMP days.


(including Ben Dunn's "Mighty Tiny")

Small-press comic book (by "Printed Matter Comics," which would later become Win-Mill Productions) from the mid-eighties parodies everything from Clint Eastwood westerns, Green Acres, Frank Miller's Daredevil, Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot, peace conferences, children's books--you name it. Issue 3 features a very cool 12-page Mighty Tiny story by Ben Dunn. Great covers by Kerry Gammill, Kevin Nowlan, and Bo Hampton. Prices below are for the set of three issues. Color covers, black and white interiors. (near mint)

Click here to see a sample Renegade Rabbit interior page!
Click here to see a sample "Mighty Tiny" page!

$10.00 (to U.S./Canada; click here)

$15.00 (foreign overseas; click here)

Fourth issue of the not-really-acclaimed, almost-forgotten, but kinda' neat eighties comic book series. Great Kevin Nowlan cover! Supply low. (near mint)

$6.00 (to U.S./Canada; click here)

$7.50 (foreign overseas; click here)

(Cerebus parody issue)

Cover-to-cover parody of Cerebus, with each chapter referring to a part of Cerebus's life: "Renegade, A' Buried In" (Cerebus the Barbarian), "High 'N' Mighty" (High Society), "Mind Wanderings" ("Mind Games"), and "Search and Wait" (Church and State). Back-up feature (with contributor Bob Burden) is a take-off on the "Cerebus Jam" back-ups. Ambitious issue that works sometimes and other times doesn't. See for yourself which is which. The cover is based on the cover of Cerebus 67. (near mint)

$7.00 (to U.S./Canada; click here)

$9.00 (foreign overseas; click here)

(Kevin Nowlan, Kerry Gammill, & Bo Hampton)

Reproductions of the front and back covers of the first four issues of Renegade Rabbit on heavy, slick coated stock. Best of all, the set is signed by the artists! Shipped flat. (near mint)

$15.00 (to U.S./Canada; click here)

$20.00 (foreign overseas; click here)

(including Adam Hughes poster)

Philosophical-oriented superhero comic from the early nineties. Black-and-white interiors, color covers. The third issue contains a full-color Adam Hughes centerspread poster on slick cover stock! (near mint)

Click here to see a sample Windsor interior page!

$10.00 (to U.S./Canada; click here)

$13.00 (foreign overseas; click here)

(including Jeff MacNelly interview)

Ultra-weird humor/satire magazine that lasted only two issues but was praised by drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs as containing some of the best satire around! Comics, text features, and lots of strange stuff. The first issue has an interview with famous cartoonist Jeff MacNelly (Shoe). The second issue contains small contributions by Kerry Gammill and Ben Dunn. Hard as it is to believe, these actually formed the prototype of the long-running Wrapped in Plastic magazine. (near mint)

$7.00 (to U.S./Canada; click here)

$10.00 (foreign overseas; click here)