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Spectrum SuperSpecial #2

All Conan!

Spectrum Magazine, acclaimed for its indepth interviews and insightful coverage of film, television, and comics, has brought together some of the greatest names in Conan comics and illustration for one spectacular issue! All-new interviews include Kurt Busiek, Gary Gianni, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Cary Nord! This volume also contains reprints (with additional artwork!) of conversations with Barry Windsor-Smith (from the hard-to-find Spectrum 11) and Mark Schultz (from issue 34).

Plus: lengthy movie reviews of Robert E. Howard-related films (Conan, Conan the Destroyer, Red Sonja, Kull the Conqueror, and The Whole Wide World); and an all-new essay by REH authority Charles Hoffman!

No Conan fan will want to be without this extraordinary publication, in a deluxe squarebound format! 104 pages; $12.95 cover price.

$17.95 postpaid to U.S./Canada (CLICK HERE!)

$22.95 postpaid to everywhere else (CLICK HERE!)

Spectrum Super Special #3

Conan & more!

On the heels of the popular Conan issue of Spectrum Super Special comes a spectacular follow-up of additional Robert E. Howard-related material! All-new interviews include Frank Brunner (Bran Mak Morn), Gregory Manchess (Conan), John Severin (King Kull), Dave Sim (REH and Cerebus), Arthur Suydam (Conan), Roy Thomas (Marvel's REH comics), and Alan Weiss (Solomon Kane)! Also included are rare and out-of-print interviews from Spectrum magazine, redesigned with new art and photos: Gary Gianni (Solomon Kane and Bran Mak Morn) and Kevin Sorbo (King Kull and Hercules)!

There's also an all-new ten-page look at Barry Windsor-Smith's work on Conan, including a review of the recent Dark Horse Comics Chronicles of Conan reprint volumes, lots of rare art (some supplied by BWS himself), and a lengthy note from BWS on the topic. Plus: special contributions by REH scholars Charles Hoffman and Mark Finn.

Deluxe squarebound format with tons of rare and previously-unpublished art! Massive 144-page issue weighing over a pound! $16.95 cover price.

$21.95 postpaid to U.S./Canada (CLICK HERE!)

$26.95 postpaid to everywhere else (CLICK HERE!)

Copies are available through our online store and at comic shops and Tower Records throughout the world.

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