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We have a limited number of Twin Peaks- and David Lynch-related books, magazines, and promotional material. Items will be added to this list as we get them catalogued. Prices are in U.S. dollars.


I Don't Know Jack DVD
This extraordinary 91-minute documentary about Jack Nance (Pete Martell in Twin Peaks; Henry in Eraserhead) features exclusive interviews with director David Lynch, actors Dennis Hopper, Catherine Coulson, Charlotte Stewart, and many others! This is the ultimate film about this unique actor's work and life. "Every Lynch fan will want this--it is an essential part of every library." (WIP 57) This region 1 DVD also contains extra bonus features not available on the videotape: a 22-minute documentary, "Unsolved Homicide," about the mysterious death of Nance; a photo gallery, including never-before-published images; and production notes!
This DVD is currently out of stock.


Bravo Twin Peaks Promo Flyer
This two-color 5.5 x 8.5 flyer folds out to 8.5 x 22; includes episode checklist and brief character profiles. It was produced by Bravo in 1993 to promote their airing of the Twin Peaks reruns. A cool, rare item! Fine/Near Mint condition. Price includes shipping.


Bravo Twin Peaks Promo Card
This 5.5 x 8.5 full color promo card was produced by Bravo in 1993 to promote their airing of the Twin Peaks reruns. Near Mint condition. Price includes shipping.


Fire Walk With Me Promo Card
Currently SOLD OUT (please check back later)
New Line Cinema produced this 5 x 7 full-color promo card in 1992. The front has a montage of Twin Peaks photos (which are actually from the television series, not the film!); the back has a small reproduction of the movie poster art. We used to have tons of these, but our stock is finally running low. Don't wait! Fine/Near Mint condition. Price includes shipping.


Welcome to Twin Peaks
This unauthorized paperback by Scott Knickelbine was pulled from the market in 1990 and is now quite difficult to find. Every time we find copies, they sell very quickly. As such, there's no telling what our stock will be at any given moment. Write, call, or e-mail us for current availability. Fine to Very Fine copies usually run about $30-$40.