Index of Interviews and Articles


Maybe you think Wrapped in Plastic is just about Twin Peaks and Spectrum just about Buffy and Xena. Think again! Both publications have reviewed tons of movies and TV shows that you might not expect to be covered in those magazines. To make it easier for you to locate these hidden gems, we have assembled this handy index!

This list is not one hundred percent comprehensive. For instance, small news items are not included, nor letters column topics. Also, if you don’t remember that, say, Sarah Michelle Gellar co-starred in Cruel Intentions, or Leelee Sobieski starred in Joan of Arc, or Heather Graham and Sheryl Lee co-starred in Don’t Do It, this index will not provide you that information. Eventually we’d like to add such things, but for now this is what we have. Of course, if you do remember the above kind of info, you’ll find entries below for Cruel Intentions, Joan of Arc, and Don’t Do It quite useful. Check out the list to see if your favorite shows and movies have been covered!

Abbreviations used:
SSpectrum magazine, followed by the issue number in which the item appears
SSE - Spectrum Special Edition magazines (primarily reprinting material from issues of Spectrum and Wrapped in Plastic), followed by the issue number
WWrapped in Plastic magazine, followed by the issue number
ep – episode guide (in-depth synopses plus commentaries)
es – essay or article; usually more in-depth than a review, though short articles are also included in this category; may also include short episode guides (Brimstone; Eerie, Indiana; Oz)
re – review; in the case of movies, this may refer either to the theatrical release or the video/DVD release (both are written in essentially the same format)
tvm – made-for-TV movie; these are listed in our TV section, not movie section

This list is complete through Spectrum 31 and Wrapped in Plastic 60.
Against the Wall (tvm) W11re
All Souls W53es, W60ep
American Chronicles W9ep
American Gothic S8ep, S9ep, S10ep, S22re
Angel 23ep, S28ep
Bakersfield, P.D. W8re
Bombshell (tvm) W31re
Brave New Worlds (tvm) W35re
Brimstone S17es
Buddy Faro W38re
Buffy the Vampire Slayer S13ep, S14ep, S16es, 19ep, S20es, S22re, S25ep, S27ep, S31ep; SSE3ep
Charmed S17re
Chris Isaak Show W52re
Conan S13re
David (tvm) W29re
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman W16re
Dune (tvm; 2000) W51es, W52re
Early Edition S17re
Eerie, Indiana S7es
EZ Streets S10re, S22re
Fantasy Island (1998) W38re
Fifth Corner W22ep
Follow the River (tvm) W17re
Generation X (tvm) S5re
Guinevere (tvm) W11re. W16re
Heartless (tvm) W32re
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys S9es, S11es, S13es
Hill Street Blues W9re
Hiroshima W19re
Homicide: Life on the Street S1ep, S2es, S5ep, S6ep, S7es, S22re; W9re
Homicide: The Movie (tvm) S22re
Hotel Room W3re, W22es
Hunted 34re
I, Claudius S25re
Industry (Made in Canada) S19es, S22re
Jacob (tvm) W15re
Joan of Arc (tvm) S21re
Kingdom W25re
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues S1ep, S2 ep, S6es; W10re
L.A. Doctors W38re
La Femme Nikita S10re
Larry Sanders Show W27re
Lateline W35re
Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (tvm) W18re
Lois & Clark S1ep, S2es, S5re
Lone Gunmen W52re
Love, Lies and Murder (tvm) W16re
M.A.N.T.I.S. S3ep
Merlin (tvm) W35re
Moon Over Miami W7re, W16ep, 19ep
Murder One S7re; W23es
National Geographic Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings S30re
Northern Exposure W23es
On the Air W6ep
Othello (tvm, 2001) S30re
Oz S12re
Picket Fences W23es
Red Shoe Diaries SSE1re; W6re, W16re
Roar S12ep, S18ep
Roswell (tvm) W12re
Roswell S24ep, S27ep, S28ep
Route 66 (1993) W6re, W17ep
Simpsons S22re; W19re, W27re, W32re
Six Million Dollar Man W9re
Slave of Dreams W21re
Spring (tvm) W46re
Spring Awakening (tvm) W14re
Strange Luck S7ep
Stargate SG-1 – W48es
Tales From the Crypt W16re
Tick S30ep
Ticket (tvm) W31re
To Have and To Hold W38re
24 W59
Twin Peaks S4es, S22re; W1-up
Under Suspicion S2es
Wild Palms W6re
Witch Hunt W15re
Xena: Warrior Princess S5ep, S6ep, S10ep, S11ep, S13es, S14ep, S15ep, S20ep, S24ep, S25ep, S29ep, S30re; SSE2ep
X-Files S2es, S4ep, S8es, S14es, S16es, S25es; SSE1ep; W7re; W12ep, W13-up
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me W42re
Backbeat W11re, W16re
Badlands S22re
Bandits W55re
Barry Lyndon S21re
Believers W9re
Bliss W32re
Blood Oranges W45re
Blue Velvet W5es, W27es, W47re
Boogie Nights W32re
Boxing Helena W7re
Buffy the Vampire Slayer S13re; SSE3re
Clockwork Orange S21re
Conan the Barbarian S12re
Conan the Destroyer S12re
Cruel Intentions S18re
Dark City W34re
Days of Heaven S22re; W44es
Don’t Do It W17re
Dream Lover W15re
Dune (1984) W15es, W33es, W51es
Dr. Strangelove S21re
Edward Scissorhands S24re
Ed Wood (Tim Burton’s--) S2re
Eyes Wide Shut S20es, S21re, S22re; W47es
Fall Time W33re
From Hell W56re
Full Metal Jacket S21re
Hamlet W47re
Heaven’s Prisoners W24re
Hidden W47re
Hobbit (1977) S29re
Jersey Girl W16re
Keys To Tulsa W29re
Killer’s Kiss (Kubrick) S21re
Killing (Kubrick) S21re
Kull the Conqueror S12re
La Femme Nikita S10re
Less Than Zero W17re
Lolita (1962) S21re
Lord of the Rings (1978) S29re
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring S29re
Lost in Space W35re
Lost Highway W25es, W28es, W29es, W30es, W42es
Mother Night W27re
Mulholland Drive W56es
Nadja W20re
One Saliva Bubble W9re
Paths of Glory 21re
Picnic at Hanging Rock S10es; W41es
Playing God W32re
Point of No Return S10re
Rapture S7re
Red Sonja S12re
Return of the King (1979) S29re
River’s Edge W51re
Shining S21re
Simply Irresistible S18re
Spartacus S21re
Spider-Man S31re
Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace S18re
Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones S31re
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi W28es
Storyville W9re
Straight Story W44es
Tetsuo: The Iron Man W7re
Thin Red Line S17re, S22re
Titanic S15es
Trial (1993) W12re, 48re
Trigger Effect W25re
Truman Show S14re
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me W1re, W2es, W12es, W34es, W35es, W36es, W37es, W38es, W40es, W54es, W60es
Two Girls and a Guy W35re
2001: A Space Odyssey S21re
Vampires (John Carpenter’s--) W38re
Whole Wide World (Robert E. Howard) S9re, S12re
X-Files: Fight the Future W36re
Altman, Mark (Twin Peaks) W13
Anderson, Gillian (X-Files) SSE1; W12
Anderson, Michael J. (Twin Peaks) W15
Beymer, Richard (Twin Peaks) W38
Bianculli, David (Teleliteracy) W5, W6
Boylan, John (Twin Peaks) W14
Bradstreet, Tim (comics, vampires) S16
Braugher, Andre (Homicide) S3
Brendon, Nicholas (Buffy) S17
Briggs, Joe Bob (drive-in movies) W2
Campbell, Bruce (Hercules/Xena, Brisco County, Evil Dead, etc.) S18
Carter, Chris (X-Files) S5, S6
Cassidy, Shaun (American Gothic, Roar) S13
Coulson, Catherine (Twin Peaks) W5, W49
Cruise, Julee (Twin Peaks) W7
Danna, Jeff (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) S1
Davis, Don (Twin Peaks, X-Files) W26, W54
Elmes, Frederick (Blue Velvet, River’s Edge) W48
Engels, Robert (Andromeda) S30
Engels, Robert (Twin Peaks) W58
Ferrer, Miguel (Twin Peaks, Lateline) W35
Finkleman, Ken (Newsroom, etc.) S21
Fontana, Tom (Homicide, Oz, St. Elsewhere) S18
Frost, Mark (Twin Peaks, etc.) W8, W9, W13, W18, W36, W52
Gellar, Sarah Michelle (Buffy) S21
Graham, Heather (Twin Peaks) W24
Gianni, Gary (Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn) S15, S26
Gidley, Palema (Twin Peaks, Strange Luck) W20
Green, Richard (Mulholland Drive) W57
Harring, Laura Elena (Mulholland Drive) W55
Hughes, Adam (comics) S4
Kaleta, Kenneth (Twin Peaks) W13
Keeler, Toby (Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch) W32
Kreider, Tim (Straight Story, Eyes Wide Shut) W52
Lavery, David (Twin Peaks) W13
Ledger, Heath (A Knight’s Tale) S26
Lee, Sheryl (Twin Peaks) W16, W37, W45
Leo, Melissa (Homicide) S5
Lynch, David (Twin Peaks, etc.) W28, W36, W40, W57, W58
Lynch, Jennifer ( W58
McGill, Everett (Twin Peaks, Dune) W44, W51
McKellar, Don (Twitch City, Red Violin) S26
Mercer, Rick (Industry/Made in Canada) S19
Montgomery, Jocelyn (Lux Vivens) W37, W40
Mulkey, Chris (Twin Peaks, Bakersfield, P.D. ) W45
Nance, Jack (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead) W27
Neff, John (, Blue Bob) W58, W60
Nochimson, Martha (Passion of David Lynch) W32
Olkewicz, Walter (Twin Peaks) W24
Petrucha, Stefan (X-Files comic) S3
Peyton, Harley (Twin Peaks, Less than Zero, Bandits, etc.) W17, W29, W55
Potter, Chris (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) S1
Raimi, Ted (Xena, American Gothic, Twin Peaks) S12
Richards, J. August (Angel) S30
Robertson, Kimmy (Twin Peaks) W43
Roth, Eli (Lynch DVDs) W50
Secor, Kyle (Homicide) S6
Silva, Frank (Twin Peaks) W8
Silva, Geno (Mulholland Drive) W57
Smith, Kevin (Hercules/Xena) S26
Sorbo, Kevin (Hercules, Kull the Conqueror) S11
Strobel, Al (Twin Peaks) W11
Struycken, Carel (Twin Peaks, etc.) W24
Sprouse, Chris (Star Wars & misc. comics) S9
Sweeney, D.B. (Strange Luck) S7
Theroux, Justin (Mulholland Drive) W55
Watts, Naomi (Mulholland Drive) W56
Welsh, Kenneth (Twin Peaks) W20
Windsor-Smith, Barry (Storyteller, Conan) S10
Yoshimura, James (Homicide) 23
Zabel, Bryce (Lois & Clark, M.A.N.T.I.S.) S3
Zabriskie, Grace (Twin Peaks, etc.) W40
Zimmer, Hans (soundtracks) S17
American Gothic Press Tour Transcript (Sam Raimi, Shaun Cassidy, Gary Cole, Robert Palm) S8, S9
Angelo Badalamenti W22
Blade and other vampires (Bill Willingham art) SSE3
Chris Isaak W28, W39, W42, W44, W58
Chris Potter S5, S7
David Lynch W15, W19, W38
Frank Frazetta (Ultimate Triumph) S22
Franz Kafka W28
Gil Kane S22
Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings S29
J.R.R. Tolkien Illustrated Books S29
Kevin Smith (Xena, Hercules) S30
Michael Golden S1
Movie soundtracks S15
Peter Weir W41
Robert E. Howard S10 (Kull), S15 (Solomon Kane), S22 (David Winiewicz and Rusty Burke interviews)
Spirits of Independence (comics) S3
Stanley Kubrick W40
Superhero Comics (Kirby, J. Buscema, N. Adams, Byrne, Jim Lee) S2
Twin Peaks Festival (includes many actor q&a transcripts) W7, W13, W19, W25, W31, W37, W43, W49, W55

Al Williamson Sketchbook S15
Blue Harvest (Star Wars) S3
Booth and the Bad Angel (Tim Booth and Angelo Badalamenti) W26
Bran Mak Morn (R.E. Howard/Gary Gianni) S27
Celtic Tale: The Legend of Deirdre (Mychael & Jeff Danna) S7
Chris Potter Fan Club Kit S3
David Lynch DVDs W59
Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick (Frederic Raphael) S22
Industrial Symphony No. 1 (Lynch) W4re
Jack Kirby Collector S3
Kerry Gammill’s Drawing Monsters & Heroes for Film & Comics S27
Line, the Cross & the Curve (Kate Bush) S3
List of 7 (Mark Frost) W9
Lux Vivens (Jocelyn Montgomery) W37
6 Messiahs (Mark Frost) W18
Solomon Kane (R.E. Howard/Gary Gianni) S18
Speak of the Devil (Chris Isaak) W38
Traumnovelle (Kubrick) S22
Ultimate Triumph (R.E. Howard/Frank Frazetta) S22
Voice of Love (Julee Cruise) W8
Wally Wood Sketchbook S22
All of these Lee Sandlin essays appear in Spectrum (having originally appeared in The Chicago Reader). Each one will cover between two and five or more shows. Sandlin’s brilliant combination of humor and insight is unique and addictive. Once you’ve read one, you’ll want to read them all!
Ally McBeal 12
As the World Turns 14
Babylon 5 - 5
Baywatch Nights 10
Bernard Herrmann soundtracks 13
Beverly Hills 90210 - 14
Breakfast Time 9
Buddy Faro 17
Central Park West 7
Chicago Hope 11
Costello 17
Cracker 12
Dark Skies 10
Encore! Encore! 17
ER 11, 12
Fantasy Island (1998) 17
Friends 9
Homicide 3
Jenny Jones 9
L.A. Law 14
Mercy Point 17
Millennium 12
Murder One 7
My So-Called Life 4
Mystery Science Theater 3000 – 9
Nash Bridges 10
Nothing Sacred 12
Profiler 10
SeaQuest DSV 7
Seinfeld 10
Space: Above and Beyond 7
Star Trek: The Next Generation 14
Star Trek: Voyager 5
Teletubbies 18
That 70s Show 17
Trinity 17
Veronica’s Closet 12
Visitor 12
VR. 5 – 5
Wind on Water 17
X-Files 3, 10
Television pilots 6
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