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Following Cerebus #12 Finally Done! (08/05/11)
Still Lost (05/24/10)
Herculoids, David Foster Wallace, & The Big Bang Theory (04/20/10)
Wanted: Cerebus essays (04/20/10)
Twin Peaks, Lost, & Homicide (04/08/10)
Survivor, Lost/Lynch, and more (03/27/10)
Twin Peaks and the rebirth of TV drama (03/27/10)
Dreamy Lost (03/11/10)
Signed Twin Peaks printer's proof sheet pics (02/24/10)
The Moby/NASA/Twin Peaks intersection (02/20/10)
David Foster Wallace one year later (01/26/10)
We're back! (01/26/10)
A Week on the Moon (07/25/09)
Neil Armstrong (07/20/09)
Michael Jackson (06/26/09)
Tom Fontana's The Philanthropist (06/25/09)
Alan Moore's Small Killing (05/09/09)
Watchmen: the first epic superhero movie (03/06/09)
Lost and more (02/28/09)
Twenty years ago (02/24/09)
John Thorne's Blog! (02/23/09)
Happy Birthday, Robert E. Howard (01/22/06)
Heath Ledger, Eli Roth (Hostel), Heather Graham interviews! (01/19/06)
Robert E. Howard Spectrum is here! (09/12/05)
Neil Gaiman in Cerebus (08/15/05)
Cerebus graphic novels are here! (2/10/04)
Following Cerebus (1/3/04)
David Foster Wallace (12/12/03)
Conan (12/12/03)
Greatest film director you've never heard of (11/7/03)
New Buffy mags! (7/22/03)
Who is Sarah Brightman? (7/17/03)
Adios Buffy, et al. (5/21/03)
Buffy, Angel, and Fastlane (5/1/03)
Mini-review: Angel (3/6/03)
Daredevil's forgotten artist (2/8/03)


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